Migrants Storm Beach in Southern Spain as Confused Sunbathers Look On

Sunbathers in southern Spain looked on in shock and confusion as an inflatable dinghy packed with dozens of migrants washed up on the beach.  Raw video shows the men storming the beach near the southern Spanish resort of Tarifa at around 2 p.m. on Wednesday afternoon.

Via the UK Express:

Local reports said most of the men were Moroccan, although video footage taken by tourists appeared to show the majority of the men were sub-Saharan Africans. The whereabouts of the men is now unknown.

Germans’ Beach – Playa de los Alemanes in Spanish – got its nickname because of the number of Germans who have traditionally lived there. The area was developed by German and Swiss entrepreneurs.

According to the Express, the number of refugees reaching Spain’s southern coast by boat has sky-rocketed in recent months.

Wednesday’s incident came just hours after another 15 migrants on two boats were rescued in the Mediterranean in the eight mile stretch of water that separates southern Spain from Morocco.

In the early hours of Monday morning, nearly 200 sub-Saharan Africans managed to reach Spanish soil after storming a border crossing between Morocco and Spain’s North African enclave of Ceuta opposite Gibraltar.

Police claimed they were powerless to stop the beach drop, and an immigration official said: “It’s not our problem and we’re not going to solve it.”


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