John Sununu Blasts CNN's Evidence-Free Coverage of Trump/Russia Collusion Story

John Sununu is receiving much love on the right side of the Internet after taking CNN to task Tuesday morning for their breathless, yet evidence-free reporting on the half-baked Trump-Russia collusion “scandal.” In a bravura performance, the former New Hampshire governor and chief of staff for George H.W. Bush really took it to anchor Alisyn Camerota.

Asked if he was uncomfortable with the Trump transition team’s contact with a Russian banker tied to Vladimir Putin, Sununu replied, “The only discomfort I have is with folks in the media trying to create a venality without having the courage to specifically tell me what the venality that I should be concerned about is.”

“I don’t see any evidence of collusion, do you?” the fiery Sununu asked.

A cowed Camerota replied, “No,” prompting Sununu to exclaim, “That should end your reporting, right there! You should put an exclamation point after your no!”

When Camerota tried to argue that the investigation was just beginning, Sununu shot back, “You’re seven months into the investigation!”

The CNN host pointed out that the special counsel’s investigation was just beginning, though.

“Can I ask you a question,” Sununu said. “If Mueller comes out and says my version is correct, and yours isn’t, how much crow are you going to eat?”

“Governor!” Camerota snapped. “I don’t have a version of the events.”

“Governor,” she continued, “we appreciate your perspective that there’s nothing to see here and that the investigation is — I don’t know, silly?”

Sununu jumped in with “politically motivated by folks trying to rationalize a horribly-run Democratic presidential campaign.”

Fixed it for her.