Reason's Remy Takes on 'Fake News'

In one of his best videos yet, “Remy,” Reason’s resident satirist, spoofs CNN for taking offense at being accused of being fake news while doing nothing but cranking out fake news.


It’s hard to pick a favorite jab from this fast-moving onslaught, but his side-by-side comparison of how the media covered “daring AG” heroine Sally Yates and “mouth-breathing slob” Kim Davis is downright glorious.

Make sure you read the captions and the moving chyron on the bottom of the screen because there are some gems there, too.

The video ends on a note that had one YouTube commenter asking, “holy sh*t, is that — real?”

Yes, pal, it’s real — and yes the “fake news” media swept it right under the rug.




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