Bloodied Trump Supporter Talks to Reporter After Berkeley Beating

This clip from KPIX shows an interview with a Milo/Trump supporter who had just been assaulted and bloodied by left-wing protesters outside of the University of California, Berkeley Student Union building where Breitbart editor Milo Yiannopoulos was scheduled to speak on Feb. 1, 2017.  The speech was later canceled due to violent rioting, which the authorities refused to put down.

Masked “anti-fascist” fascists in black, ninja-like outfits, using paramilitary tactics, were allowed to start fires, assault Trump supporters, smash windows, raid ATMs, shoot off fireworks, and block traffic, while the Berkeley police stood down.

“As we were talking earlier, I decided to be for Milo, for freedom of speech, for freedom of expression — to let Milo talk at this place,” the bloodied man, who was amazingly cheerful considering what he had just experienced, began. “And these anti-fascist fascists decided that that was too much — threw rocks at me, broke my phone, and decided to steal from me and break my face.”

He added that the agitators were “nothing but cowards.”

“This is what they want to represent? This is not America. America is liberty, and America is Donald Trump,” the man said, giving a big thumbs up.

Photojournalist Zombie, who was on the ground taking pictures at the UC Berkeley protest Wednesday night, posted the KPIX video on his website: