Thwack! Hero Breaks Cane on Passenger Attacking Bus Driver

Using his cane as a weapon, an elderly good samaritan on a Kansas City bus pummeled another passenger who was assaulting the female bus driver, thwarting what could have been a deadly attack.


The attack happened around 12:30 early Saturday morning at Armour and Troost. That’s where the female bus driver pulled off to the side of the road to call for help after the passenger started to become confrontational.

A surveillance video given to 41 Action News by the KCATA shows the driver calling for help when the man grabs her from behind, grabbing at her neck and face.

As she is screaming for help, another passenger jumps into action and starts beating the attacker with his cane, eventually breaking the cane on the attackers back.

The Kansas City Police Department says they were called to the scene, and the attacker was arrested for assault.

The driver reportedly sustained minor injuries and is recovering from the attack. Now KCATA wants to find the good samaritan and replace his cane.

“Because without him out operator could have been harmed even more, so we really want to reach out to him and bring him in and thank him and as I said before as well as replace his cane,” said Chief Transpiration Officer Bobby Edwards.