Tucker Carlson's Surreal Interview with Protest Hoaxer

A hoaxer going by the name “Dominic Tullipso” appeared on Fox News with Tucker Carlson Tuesday night to talk about “Demand Protest,” a purported protest movement he set up to protest the inauguration of President-elect Donald Trump. Demand Protest attracted some media attention after it put ads in newspapers in two dozen cities offering protesters up to $2,500 to protest the inauguration: Apparently it was all an elaborate hoax.

Carlson tried to get “Tullipso” to explain what his motive was, but was ultimately unsuccessful.

“Tucker, you’re not accusing me of being a hoax, are you?” the hoaxer asked after Carlson had very plainly told him he was.

Carlson was brutally frank with his guest: “I’m saying that your name is fake, and this company is fake, and the claims you’ve made on your website are false.” He pressed him: “Is this an effort to discredit the protesters at the Trump inauguration? Is it an effort to convince conservative news organizations to pick up the story and therefore highlight their gullibility? What’s the point of the ruse that you’re perpetuating on the American news media?”

“Tullipso” responded: “Great questions. Basically, there’s no way that a legitimate news agency would have somebody on that didn’t know what they were saying or was just talking out of their behinds. There’s a certain amount of vetting that goes on behind every news organization. So I would assume that I wouldn’t get airtime on a national stage unless I was legitimate.”

Mr. Carlson was brutally frank with his guest: “Well, I’m vetting you right now, and I’m saying you are not legitimate, you are lying. You have fooled other news organizations, you have not fooled us.”

He added, “The main point basically is that we are greatly, greatly supportive of national treasures such as Julian Assange, Edward Snowden, Peyton Manning,” he deadpanned. “We really support their efforts to really get the truth out there.”

This prompted laughter from Carlson, who was coming to realize that he was dealing with a very skilled performance artist.