Trump Denying 'Disgraceful' BuzzFeed Report, Says 'I'm Very Much of a Germaphobe'

During his first news conference as president-Elect, Donald Trump Wednesday vigorously denied the “disgraceful,” salacious material contained in a dossier posted by BuzzFeed Tuesday.

The memos describe perverted sex videos involving prostitutes performing “golden showers” (urination) in the presidential suite of the Ritz Carlton Hotel, supposedly filmed during a 2013 visit by Trump. The dossier is reportedly the work of a former British MI6 agent who was hired from a political opposition research firm in Washington that was trying to dig up dirt on Donald Trump for his Republican and Democrat opponents.

To buttress his point, Trump told a story about the time he spent in Moscow with the Miss Universe Pageant in 2013.

“I told everybody, ‘be very careful because you don’t want to see yourself on television. There are cameras all over the place.'”

He added, “Does anyone really believe that story? I’m also very much of a germaphobe, by the way.”

Later on, Trump called BuzzFeed a “failing pile of garbage” and assailed CNN for going out of its way to build up its disgraceful story. He refused to take a question from a CNN reporter, who loudly protested while Trump took a question from another reporter.