Scott Brown Torches Kerry: 'No One Cares What He Says'

Trump surrogate Scott Brown gave Secretary of State John Kerry a verbal tongue lashing on Fox Business Wednesday, but “with all due respect” toward his former Senate colleague.

Before he laid into Kerry, however, Brown had a few words to say about the Obama administration — which has been busy setting traps in its waning days to trip up the incoming administration.

“This administration is doing everything it can on their way out the door to put up more and more roadblocks for the incoming administration,” he charged, adding, “it’s not that different from when Bill Clinton was leaving and he took all the keys off the computers.”

“It’s always something,” Brown complained. “Instead of having a friendly transition and opportunity to consult with the president-elect on what their policies may be….they do the exact opposite.”

“I’ve never seen John Kerry so fired up about anything,” Brown continued. “Now he’s all fired up about Israel. With all due respect, no one cares what John Kerry says, especially with so many — so few days left with this administration.”

“What they did, I think, was completely inappropriate,” he continued. “Israel is our dearest and most reliable ally in the region, and to actually go in and throw them under the bus, with all due respect, I don’t think it’s only harmful now but moving forward.”