Ralph Peters Sums Up Obama's Mideast Policy in Six Words

Fox News strategic analyst Ralph Peters appeared on “America’s Newsroom” Thursday to discuss what he called President Obama’s “disdain” for Israel, after the U.S. abstained on anti-settlement Resolution 2334 before the UN Security Council, allowing it to pass.

Peters began by describing Sec. of State John Kerry’s speech at the State Department yesterday as a “tirade.”

“This goes beyond the personal animosity between Prime Minister Netanyahu and President Obama,” the retired Army lieutenant colonel began. “This … Kerry’s tirade is the logical culmination of Obama’s Cairo speech—the infamous Cairo speech—from early in his first administration. Obama’s been very consistent on this.”

He added that Obama “had to restrain his disdain for Israel because he had to win the reelection and he had to get through the 2016 election—which didn’t work out very well for the Democrats.”

Peters described the president’s Mideast policy in just six words: “praise Muslims, ignore Christians, blame Jews.”

He went on to explain that the president’s negative attitude toward Israel stemmed from a background where from “the cradle up” he was taught that “Israel was a villain.”