Free Speech Under Attack at Another College Campus

Free speech is once again under attack on college campus, as students at Grand Valley State University in Michigan were threatened with arrest for handing out copies of the Constitution.

As reported by Campus Reform, officers told the students they had to get approval from the office of student life to distribute materials, even if they’re not selling anything.

Nathan Berning, a Michigan field representative from the Leadership Institute who was advising the students over the phone during the altercation, told Campus Reform that he finds it “unacceptable” that a person “can’t hand out Constitutions to college students” in a country that enshrines free speech in its founding document.

The Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE) has given GVSU a “yellow light” rating for its speech code, indicating that the organization has concerns that certain policies are prone to administrative abuse, such as a bias incident reporting process allowing students to notify school officials “if anyone in the Grand Valley community feels belittled, disrespected, or isolated based on their identity.”

Watch the video of the interaction between the students, who are part of the Turning Point USA chapter at GVSU, and the campus officers on the next page.