Chuck Todd Grills Trump Campaign, Lets Hillary Off the Hook

Watch as Chuck Todd, of Meet the Press, tells Donald Trump’s campaign manager to forget what Hillary Clinton said about Barack Obama not being a natural-born American citizen. “Who cares about the Clinton incident . . . . What difference does it make that Clinton does it.” Todd says this as he bends over backward to downplay the fact that Clinton started the birther issue.

Kellyanne Conway won’t let him off the hook, though. “What difference does it make anyway”—in Hillary Clinton’s famous words—won’t fly, she says. “It makes a huge difference who started this.”

The fact is Clinton dropped the issue only when she decided to advance her own political career by joining Obama’s administration. Does her hypocrisy exonerate her? Nope, and no deflection by sycophants in the media like Todd is going to change that fact.