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Country Duo Mocks Snowflakes with 'I've Got Friends in Safe Spaces'

A conservative comedy duo has turned the Garth Brooks classic "Friends in Low Places" into a hysterical anthem mocking special snowflakes. The musical parody by Chad Prather and Steve "Mudflap" McGrew hit the web last week, and the pair has taken their satirical song on the road for their "Friends in Safe Spaces" comedy tour.

A few sample lyrics include...

  • I've got friends in safe spaces. If you don't go with us, then you must be racist.
  • Come on in and let's be cozy. Showin' off participation trophies.
  • Blame it all on our roots, we never wore boots, we never once played in the streets. Feel very bitter, got news off of Twitter, we just can’t handle defeat.
  • This can’t be true, America’s through, and to the safe spaces we went …
  • Give us an hour, we’re delicate flowers, we just need an embrace!