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CNN Stereotypes Country Music Fans as 'Trump Supporters'

Amidst microphone issues at CNN, the home studio was able to communicate with Jeff Zeleny at the White House. He said of the victims of the Las Vegas shooting, "A lot of these country music supporters were likely Trump supporters." Firstly, why does that matter? The worst mass shooting in American history -- what does it matter whom they voted for in 2016?!? But also, is that true? What makes him think that this stereotype is correct?

We're sure that CNN was saying it as something derogatory-- like, these brainwashed rednecks all backed Trump. But it can also be redirected as a compliment. Country music is often the genre with the most patriotic themes, and with the most "salt of the earth"-type fans. Unlike rock music with its drugs and sex, or rap music with its anti-society anger, country music embodies American values. Hard work, love and loss, and faith. So maybe, if you ignore this comment's most probable sentiment, CNN was actually saying that the people who most embody what it is to be an American are fans of President Trump?