President Donald Trump Now Knows the Greatness of Daft Punk

In case you missed it: This will bring a smile to your face if you’re a Daft Punk fan.

During President Trump’s visit to France on Bastille Day, a French military band paid tribute to the victims of the Nice attack.

Then came a pleasant surprise.

The band broke out into an impressive medley of the French electronic music duo’s classic songs – including hits like “Get Lucky,” “Digital Love,” “Around the World,” and “Harder Better Faster Stronger.”

Even though the French and American presidents might have their political differences that the American media likes to play up, this just goes to show that music is one of those things that brings people together (even if for a moment).

And this clip is an evergreen reminder that we will always have France to thank for giving us Daft Punk.

[Hat tip: Elysee via Storyful]