Throwback Thursday: Watch President Trump's Old Pizza Hut Commercials


Do you remember a much simpler time, like a time when now-President Donald J. Trump appeared in Pizza Hut television commercials?

In 2000, he introduced their “New Yorker” pizza. It apparently had some pretty big slices.


There was also the TV spot where he promoted the chain’s stuffed-crust pizza. The bread was filled with cheese, and Pizza Hut marketed it as a pizza to eat “the wrong way.” Co-starring with him in this ad was his former wife, Ivana. It has a very ’90s feel to it.


When I was a child, the stuffed-crust pizza was an absolute favorite of mine. But I can’t imagine eating it today.

Now that I’m an adult, I’ve graduated to more sophisticated pizza.

If you’re ever in the Los Angeles area, you’ll have to check out a place called Vittoria Pizza. All of the ingredients they use are so fresh, and it’s a local favorite joint of mine.

If you’re looking to make a pizza at home, lifestyle and parenting writer Lauren Spagnoletti has a delicious Sicilian pizza recipe that she has up in our Lifestyle section. She even includes a step-by-step video to help make your family dinner night a success. Click here for more.

Happy National Pizza Day!

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