Florida Congressman Threatens to Have Reporter Arrested

Rep. Alan Grayson threatens to have POLITICO reporter arrested

WATCH: Alan Grayson threatens to have a POLITICO reporter arrested.

Posted by POLITICO on Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Democrat candidate for U.S. Senate Alan Grayson of Florida got into a scuffle with POLITICO reporter Edward-Isaac Dovere at an event hosted by the outlet.

Dovere attempted to ask Grayson about domestic abuse allegations. In the course of the escalated exchange, Grayson accused the reporter of blocking, pushing and assaulting a member of Congress — while repeatedly putting his hand on the reporter.

The congressman ended the conversation by telling Dovere that he’s “hoping that somebody comes here and arrests” him. Grayson also threatened to get the Capitol police involved.

POLITICO has its account of what happened here.

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