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'Black Guns Matter' Co-Founder Explains the Racist Roots of Gun Control

Maj Toure is the co-founder of the pro-Second Amendment activist group "Black Guns Matter" and he has a clear message for America: gun control is racist.

To the surprise of no one, all of the Democrats running for president are vehemently anti-Second Amendment. Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-Calif.) has made his gun hate the entire focus of his campaign.

In a wide-ranging interview given to the political site "Spiked" (posted below), Toure explains how empowering the safe, legal ownership of firearms is. He also gets into the fact that gun control in this country has a long history of being racist in its motivations, even going back to pre-Revolutionary times.

He also explains the mission of his organization and his attempt to take his activism to the next level by running for the Philadelphia City Council.

Toure is a truly independent thinker. There are things in the interview that people all over the political spectrum might find themselves nodding in agreement with.

Most importantly, though, he is an unyielding supporter of the Second Amendment and he backs it up with a lot of clear, compelling reasons why.