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Bill Whittle Proves Kirk is the Best Star Trek Captain

Ok, this is a bit of a shameless plug, but I was a co-host on a nerdy show called Comics 'n Cocktails on theStream.tv, and, because of my connection at the time with PJTV, Bill Whittle joined us for an episode. We discuss how Bill became interested in the cosmos, piloting, and sci-fi, and what about him makes him think of himself as a nerd (while still being a steely-eyed missile man). But then we get him to debate whether Captain Kirk or Picard was a better Star Trek captain, and boy does it get heated. Bernie Bregman, of Nerds Like Us, puts up a good fight, but ultimately Bill sure sticks up for Kirk. I figured, for the 50th anniversary of Star Trek being on the air, this would be a good video to release in case you missed it. You decide who won (though I have my favorites), and feel free to leave your comments below.

And I know Bill would appreciate it if you went to BillWhittle.com, to see what he's been up to lately.

And click over to the next page to check out an Afterburner that Bill once made, in which he actually sets foot on the USS Enterprise. If you haven't seen this, you must!>>>>>>>>>>>>