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Alveda King Calls on Ralph Northam to Drop 'Ku Klux Klanish' Abortion Laws

On Monday morning, Martin Luther King Jr.'s niece Alveda King stopped short of calling for Gov. Ralph Northam (D-Va.) to resign in the wake of the blackface scandal. Instead, she urged him to "stop doing Ku Klux Klanish things" and rescind his support for abortion laws. The blackface controversy emerged with a yearbook photo seeming to show Northam either in blackface or a Ku Klux Klan robe, but that followed a week of controversy over a radical abortion bill the governor supports.

"When the story initially broke, I said, 'Well, wow! Thirty-five years ago -- we need to forgive him.' However, forgiveness is one thing but how do we move forward is another thing," King told "Fox and Friends."

"And rather than to ask the governor to resign, I would ask him to rescind all of the legislation that he has approved that supports the crime against humanity which is abortion," she declared.

King said she would deliver this message to Northam: "I would say, 'Stay there, reverse all those actions, stop agreeing to kill little human beings in the womb. You are a pediatrician. You know those are human beings right there in the womb!'"

Alveda King addressed the ugly racial history of abortion — which arguably continues in the present (billboards in Dallas and Cleveland targeted black women with pro-abortion messages last year, and black women have disproportionately high abortion rates). "Stop working with Planned Parenthood — who Margaret Sanger really did speak to the Ku Klux Klan, she did. And so, [I would tell him to] stop doing Ku Klux Klanish things and reverse and rescind all of those ugly laws that he is still supporting today," she said.

"How is he going to lead the people of his state when he is killing the human beings in the womb in his state and he is a pediatrician?!" she asked, exasperated.

Alveda King insisted that Democrats should move beyond "skin color racism," because human beings are "one blood." She cited Acts 17:26, insisting that "God made us all one blood."

"That’s why my uncle Dr. Reverend Martin Luther King Jr. could say we must learn to live together as brothers — and I add as sisters — or perish together as fools," King declared. "Then you will not commit crimes against your brothers and sisters in the womb, outside the womb, rich, poor, young, old, human trafficking, sex trafficking, abortion."

As for Northam, "he needs to rescind all of that, he needs to apologize for agreeing to kill little babies, little human beings in the womb. His own — in his own state, those little human Americans, he needs to apologize to them. He really does."