What We Do Not Want to Hear Anymore

We accept that the president inherited a rocky situation, but accept even more that he sought to never “let a crisis go to waste”; rammed down ObamaCare, more regulations, and more stimulus; borrowed $5 trillion in three years; demonized the job-hiring classes; and so turned what would have been a natural recovery into 36 months of stagnation.

So we are tired of hearing about all the bad people who do all the bad things to us. Life is not a zero-sum peasant world, where someone’s extra olive tree must be considered someone else’s lost olive tree. We don’t care whether someone makes over the dreaded $200,000, only whether there are still such employers around to hire at good wages. A final polite suggestion: every time the president goes after “them,” can he please explain how much a Jon Corzine, Bill Daley, Rahm Emanuel, John Kerry, George Soros, Elizabeth Warren — or Michelle Obama — made, and how exactly they made it?

Please, No More Green Initiatives

If incandescent light bulbs are really toxic, unreliable, and expensive, then the public will start buying the cheaper, greener, and more economical fluorescent alternative. When the technology is mastered and solar panels are a bargain, they will sell. When gas hits $5 a gallon, we will want more Priuses. Mr. Chu, please no more sermons on California agriculture ($17 billion in exports this year) blowing away. We don’t object to government incentives or tax credits, but please no more subsidized green plants, no more government laws outlawing good products, no more federal buying of perfectly good cars to crush.

Green is now synonymous with hucksterism, whether the Al Gore "cry wolf" corporatism, or the academic grandee snagging grants (while worried in email over the con), or the campaign bundler suddenly wanting government cash for some sort of Mr. Chu's Pet Rock-like solar panel plant. Mr. President, almost everything you said in your State of the Union address about energy was misleading. Gas has risen over 80% since you took office. The only reason that it has not gone even higher is that your economic policies ensured slow growth (1.7%) and thus curbed fuel demand. Meanwhile, some brilliant entrepreneurs discovered how to frack and horizontally drill on mostly private land; so oil and gas production went up despite radical curtailment of federal oil and gas leases by 40%. How strange: after going after the gas and oil industry for three years, the president still could not,as promised, get electricity prices to “skyrocket” or gas to reach “European levels,” and so takes credit for those who resisted his own agenda.

No “Conversation” on Race

Eric Holder once called us collective cowards for not wishing another conversation on race on his terms — a request echoed now about every week by the Black Caucus or some op-ed writer as the campaign heats up. Sadly, we know where these conversations lead and the parameters in which they must be conducted. If in doubt, ask a liberal like Bill Cosby or Juan Williams the wages of trying to transcend the cult of victimization and redress.

In our mixed-up, intermarried, and multiracial society, we really do not know who is quite so-called white anymore, and who is not — and increasingly don’t care, despite the race industry’s efforts to use 1/16-like rules to prove authenticity.