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Think About It!

7. The new neutrality: From what administration officials have said, we can assume now that if Argentina invades the Falklands again, we will be neutral; in the next Israel response to Lebanon or Gaza, we will be neutral; in any Israeli preemptive raid on the Iranian nuclear facility, we will be neutral; if Turkey readjusts things in the Aegean or on Cyprus, we will be neutral; if Russia moves on Georgia or any of the former republics, we will be neutral; if Venezuela goes into Colombia, we will be neutral; if Pakistan provokes India again, we will be neutral; if China moves on Taiwan, we will be neutral.

8. That the Guantanamo Bay detention facility will be closed is as unlikely as its continued use will now any longer bother any on the left.

9. It is apparently morally worse to waterboard a known terrorist in Guantanamo than to assassinate a suspected one and his family in Waziristan.

10. As sure as the sun shall rise, expect that within the next six months an administration official or appointee will have said something analogous to “typical white person,” “cowards,” “wise Latina,” or police acting “stupidly.”