Transitioning to the Post-Obama Era

How will the country wake up from its coma in 2016 to reality in 2017?

Next year the lame-duck, legacy-starved Obama administration will double down on its executive orders, bureaucratic fiats, and circumvention of the law. Obama will seek to fundamentally transform America, contrary to law, effecting change in ways he was not able to by adhering to the law.The media, as it has the past seven years, will not only ignore the illegality, but also rationalize and commend it.

Then comes 2017.

If a Republican is elected president, what will the media and its liberal sympathizers do should the next chief executive decide to follow the Obama modus operandi?

Consider a number of issues, starting with immigration.

Obama, when facing midterm and general elections, warned that executive-order amnesty and non-enforcement of immigration laws were simply out of bounds for a constitutionally elected president. Then he pursued both, and became exactly the constitutional monster that he had warned us about.

The media kept silent, happy that the noble end of open borders justified any means necessary to achieve it. In 2017, we will have a precedent that any American president can simply build a wall, close the border, and deport whomever he finds in violation of federal law.

In January 2017, the new president might announce a cut-off of all federal funds for sanctuary cities found in violation of federal law. Or, also taking his cue from Obama, he might allow individual municipalities to nullify federal laws as they see fit: The Endangered Species Act null and avoid inside Salt Lake City? Gay marriage illegal within the city limits of Mobile? Gun control mandates too much of a hassle for those living in Laramie? Texas towns free to burn coal as they please?

The media will object, but they will sound shrill and empty given their prior sanction of Obama’s illegal precedents. Apparently, from now on the president alone will set immigration laws, enforcing statutes he finds useful, ignoring those he doesn’t—and all without credible censure from the media.

How about the Affordable Care Act? Before the 2012 election, Obama once again unilaterally decided not to enforce provisions of his own statutes. Few in the media said a word. On that same Obama principle, the next president could repeal Obamacare simply by doing nothing, and ending all enforcement of its provisions—in the manner of the Defense of Marriage Act, which was rendered irrelevant by non-enforcement. If rednecks storm the voting booths in Biloxi and are prosecuted for voter intimidation, will the next president simply drop the case and claim the Obama administration’s record on voting rights was too politicized to have been taken seriously?

The media snoozed while the EPA was found to have acted illegally by the GAO for employing “covert propaganda” in pushing new water regulations. So what would it do if the next EPA director used public funds to run an ad campaign ridiculing the idea of man-caused global warming?