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The Obama Breaking Point

Tear Us Apart

I know many people -- including liberals -- who voted for Obama on his promises of racial healing and will vote against him precisely because he amplified racial divides for his own political purposes. Again, one Cambridge police incident or Trayvon Martin flip comment would have been the normal stuff of presidential gaffes. But the fake-accented sermons to black audiences, the “punish our enemies” call to arms to Hispanics, the various racially targeted Obama reelection groups (using “we got the president’s back” as their mottoes as if a deranged white person hourly were about to dry gulch the president without ranks of such self-appointed African-American or Hispanic bodyguards) became predictable.  Only Obama could have brought out the worst side of a James Earl Jones, Chris Rock, and Morgan Freeman to accuse others of racism to divert attention away from Obama’s failure. Once such celebrities transcended race, now Obama-fed racialism has engulfed them.

At some point, Eric Holder’s various delusions (e.g., “cowards,” racism behind the Fast and Furious investigations, “my people,” etc.), Hilda Solis’s videos appealing to illegal aliens to call in about mean employers, and the Van Jones rants seemed like sound bites out of the Race / Class / Gender gut course in the university rather than the emanating from the U.S. government.

It’s Not the Economy, Stupid?

More than eight percent unemployment for 42 months could be an artifact. Maybe anemic below-two-percent economic growth happens. Five trillion dollars in new debt can be contextualized. Nearly fifty million on food stamps is regrettable. But after a while, they all become force multipliers of each other -- cementing the notion that Obama is largely a hothouse potted plant who has not a clue about what drives business, or why employers hire and fire, or how oil and gas fuel the U.S. economy.  The only mystery is whether Obama sought to improve the economy but utterly failed -- or if he had some vague idea that printing money, unsustainable borrowing, out-of-control spending, and demonizing the successful might create a gorge-the-beast moment: only then might higher taxes be the only way to prevent fiscal collapse while the new entitlements would hook so many that the mere thought of their curtailment might prove impossible.

Enough Is Enough

Add all this up, and millions of voters -- quietly, on their own, without much communication -- are becoming wearied by Obama, in a way that is quite miraculous. They are coming to the conclusion not just that it is now OK to vote against Obama, but that even if it is not politically correct, they don’t much care anymore.

Incumbents should have all sorts of advantages. This year there is no Ross Perot on the ballot to siphon off votes from a President George H.W. Bush. The media openly slants its news to save Obama. Libya has gained none of melodramatic hourly coverage of the Iranian hostage crisis that finally did in Jimmy Carter pontificating from the Rose Garden. George H.W. Bush was destroyed by “it’s the economy, stupid” when unemployment and GDP growth were far better than today. George W. Bush almost lost the 2004 election on the charge of a “jobless recovery” when the unemployment rate was almost three points lower than it is today. Enough said.

Money can be printed. Official stats can be massaged. The president can dole out pork. The Federal Reserve can print money. Europe can, too. Obama’s unusual heritage makes Americans proud of their country. If some wished to prove that they were not racist in 2008 by voting for Obama, in 2012 they fear they will be condemned as racist for not voting to reelect him.

Yet add all of that up, and here we are three weeks before the election with Romney holding a slight lead in polls that are often suspect.

In other words, millions are feeling liberated and are starting to feel that they have simply had enough of this bunch. In short, it is becoming OK to vote “No, you can’t!”

(Artwork created using multiple Shutterstock.com images.)