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The Liberal Super Nova

You see, in our sick world the two incidents are somewhat connected. Because of the pathologies of the inner cities and disparate rates of success for some minorities, a pink Elizabeth Warren can con victimhood. There are impediments, of course, to inventing a victimized identity: intermarriage and immigration have made irrelevant the neat distinctions of black/brown/white. The soaring success of Punjabis, Chinese, Japanese, and Southeast Asians has rendered the old liberal dogma -- non-white=a bleak future of racist oppression without massive government intervention -- obsolete. There is a rising awareness that Great Society remediation worsened, not ameliorated, the struggle of the underclass. Millions of so-called white youth who grew up under affirmative action are unlikely white oppressors, who daily stifle the aspirations of minorities, or who perpetuate 19th-century oppressions, or who have helped created a Western system that no one seeks to join or wish to benefits from.

Yet Warren -- pink and blond -- managed to con Harvard University and the law profession in general. What was brilliant about her scam was its utter cynicism about modern liberalism.

“Race” for Warren is a Foucauldian construct. It did not even matter that she lied about the meaningless 1/32 drop from a mythical great, great, great grandparent. It did not matter that she did not even attempt the Ward Churchill-like effort of dressing up in buckskin and playing Indian. Instead, she knew the university and so she knew it was essentially a racial fantasyland where upper middle class elites can fabricate oppressed backgrounds, often through mere assertion, hyphenation, and accentuation, to take a guilt-ridden class to the cleaners, in the unspoken bargain that in return the latter can continue to enjoy their rather insular lives apart from the world of Trayvon Martin.

The result was that Warren was a minority with all its accruing perks because she said she was and to question that would be racist, reactionary, you name it. When pressed, family lore and high cheekbones were cited. But no matter, in postmodern thinking there are no facts, just competing discourses. And hers was just as valid as the old white male doctrinaire reductionist creed of asking for proof of ethnic heritage.

Warren, you see, was the twin of Trayvon Martin. Because we as a society, despite a trillion dollars spent, have a poor track record of keeping Trayvon Martin, and fifty-percent of the urban minority class, in school, away from drugs, and prepped for an equal shot at the good life, we compensate by allowing an overdog like Elizabeth Warren to be a safe surrogate Trayvon Martin -- especially because she is white, blond, fuzzy, non-threatening. And so, presto, the Harvard faculty has a pet “Native American” to feel good about. The dimensions of that fact of race and affirmative action were well known to Barack Obama throughout his career, and are not hard to fathom in his own memoir.

We could go on forever with illegal immigration, the therapeutic university, or the media, but the message is universally the same: we are coming to the theoretical limits of liberal orthodoxy. Detroit is liberalism’s Nagasaki; California its Greece -- and the hated Scott Walker its Angela Merkel.

All the old shiny chrome is rusted and crumpled: Harvard? Knee-deep in the Elizabeth Warren scam. The Nobel Peace Prize? Neither Al Gore nor Barack Obama had a record of bringing peace to anyone. The postmodern EU and its vaunted euro? The mystery is how even technocrats could design such a suicidal currency. The paper of record? The New York Times has become a sort of shopper’s insert, its op-eds and news accounts synopses of yuppie and baby-boomer angst.

Like a super nova, contemporary liberalism is imploding through its own irreconcilable forces.

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