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The Democratic Reaction Richter Scale

4.0 We start seeing a lot less of Pelosi and Reid—and suddenly an “I’m worried” Jim Webb and Evan Bayh are everywhere. Democrats table Health Care, and seek to tweak a compromise “victory”. John Kerry begins talking about a "principled" opposition and a "big-tent" inclusiveness of  "all Americans."

3.0 Blue-dog House Democrats (such things now suddenly exist) meet to figure ways of recalibrating their health-care votes, talking tough on spending, and leaking stories about an “out of touch” White House. The networks start interviewing Joe Lieberman. White House memo goes out to drop the use of "tea-bagger".

2.0 Rahm Emanuel and David Axelrod announce "long-planned" retirements, while Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi gracefully step aside for new centrist congressional leadership. Robert Gibbs goes the way of Scott McClellan.

1.0 Obama’s uses his State of the Union speech to do a Dick Morris triangulation,  and now talks of balanced budgets, cutting spending, and fighting a “war on terror,” while praising the Bush anti-terrorism protocols, encouraging the “job makers” of the private sector, and announcing that “the era of big government is over.”