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Questions Rarely Asked—and Never Answered

If Obamacare is structured to ensure health insurance in extremis without paying a premium upfront, why would anyone buy it -- as opposed to simply purchasing it only after an illness or operation, and paying a small fine? (Do life insurance companies allow us to purchase $1 million policies after open heart surgery, and if not, why not?) And if young people often choose to play the very good odds that they won’t get sick, or at least not terribly sick, and therefore do not need health insurance until after their ordeal, how could a plan be predicated on luring millions of young people (a poorer cohort than either the middle-aged or elderly) to buy something they would not often need in order to pay for others who would pay less for something they would constantly need?

The problem with socialism (cf. Detroit to Athens) is not just that it destroys individual initiative and creates a dispirited and montonous sameness to everything, but that its architects usually find exemption from the ramifications of their own ideology and thereby are more emboldened to implement it.

Unions, pet businesses, and D.C. insiders will all receive waivers or subsidies to excuse them from the full wrath of Obamacare -- and, therefore, they foist it on others. The Wall Street Journal’s credo of “comprehensive immigration reform” is predicated on the assumption that none of the opinion writers live either along the border or in areas that have experienced huge influxes of illegal immigrants (e.g., their children are not in the public schools of a Tulare or central Los Angeles. They do not try to ranch in southern Arizona; they do not drive in rural Tulare County. And they are not lower middle-class residents of California trying to pay steep taxes for very little in return).

How did it happen that the United States chose to follow the path of socialism at precisely the time that it was imploding the world over?

Do Scandals Exist?

Is there still a notion of scandal? If EPA director Lisa Jackson’s fake email con and the Pigford payouts were small beer, what were the scandals about Benghazi, the IRS, the AP, and the NSA?

Does anyone care that every presidential pronouncement about the Affordable Care Act was false? We have reached a new point where either the media is an appendage of government, or the public is too weary to care about the conduct of its government -- to the degree that this administration could do pretty much anything.

If running up $6 trillion in debt and disrupting one-sixth of the U.S. economy with Obamacare are passé, what would not be? Tapping a German chancellor’s phone? Turning the entire Persian Gulf into an anti-American enclave? Reducing the president’s word abroad into the stuff of jest? Arbitrarily deciding not to enforce “settled law”?