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1984 Redux: Orwellian Illegal Immigration

A Health Crisis on the Horizon

Hunger is said to plague recent immigrants from Mexico and Latin America. I am sure that it exists. But right now the U.S. is suffering an epidemic of deadly obesity among its newly arrived and residential Latino population, at rates much higher than the high U.S. obesity level. Mexico suffers from the highest rates of obesity in the world, and the condition only gets worse given the plentitude of cheap and innutritious U.S. fast and processed food, almost all of it subsidized by various state and federal agencies. One of every four state residents admitted to California hospitals for all causes is discovered to suffer from diabetes. Dialysis clinics are now popping up throughout rural California.  No one addresses this public health crisis. Instead, we talk more of the starving and the plague of malnutrition because it channels into the open-borders narrative. We dare not suggest California is sitting atop a health tragedy of unprecedented proportions, as an epidemic of obesity among Latino immigrants and their American-born children is leading to early diabetes and with it costly hospitalization and lifelong medical support. I see relatively young people -- in their thirties and forties -- with near blindness, amputations, and the inability to walk. Go to any lab for a blood test, visit any GP in Central California, enter an emergency room -- and the crisis is manifest; read any newspapers, turn on the news, listen to the latest talking head -- and it does not exist. The ramifications of this health crisis threaten to dwarf the prior AIDS epidemic as the immigrant population both expands and ages.

Incomprehensive Immigration Reform

Comprehensive immigration reform is a chimaera. It simply does not exist. Talk to any Latino activist in private and ignore what the Democrat and Republican hierarchy profess and the paradox is clear. Secure the border? I know of no supporter of comprehensive immigration reform who, as a requisite for compromise, wants to finish the fence, fine employers who hire illegals, and deport those who have broken numerous federal laws. To do so would weaken all the forces that Democrat operatives see breaking their way, that Latino elites see as essential to their own self-appointed perches as group spokesmen for the perennially dispossessed, and that employers see as a way to ensure cheap good labor.

Deportation is now a joke. When the Obama administration bragged of near-record deportations before the 2012 election, we knew it was a lie. And so it was, predicated on redefining “deportation” as temporary turn-back at the border. Otherwise explain to a supporter of CIR that you favor deporting those with criminal records, with no work history, with long residence on public assistance, with only a brief residence in the U.S. -- and yet would be willing to grant green cards to those working, paying taxes, not employing false names and fraudulent documents, with long tenure in the U.S., with no record of criminality or public assistance -- and outrage still follows! Continue the conversation and you learn that CIR is a synonym for blanket amnesty and its supporters do not wish to deport anyone, to close the border, or fine any employers. Republicans know that as well as Democrats. In my experience, the Tea Party is not very likely to want to deport everyone while the race industry and Chamber of Commerce are very likely to want to deport no one.

1984 Redux

Finally, consider statistics. Try a brief experiment. Google rates of health problems, education, and hunger in terms of illegal immigration (using the appropriate euphemisms), and then all sorts of studies pop up from social scientists and bureaucrats, the themes being that racism has led to inequality and lack of parity. Then look up rates of criminality, incarceration, graduation rates, and public assistance predicated on illegal status, and you will either hit a brick wall, or quickly learn such data is “problematic.” It is quite Orwellian how research is predetermined to find the host culpable, but never to suggest the guest is at fault.

If immigrants came in manageable numbers, if they arrived in legal fashion on the basis of ethnically blind and meritocratic criteria, if the host believed in the melting pot and promoted integration, assimilation, and the mastery of the English language, if the arrivals were reminded why they were leaving their homelands and why they were entering the United States, then we could manage. But, alas, the very opposite of these criteria is true.

It has become a cachet of elites to mouth platitudes about “comprehensive immigration reform” as they carefully construct their own apartheid existences in Nancy Pelosi style. They are not so much immune from the ramifications of their own ideology as found guilty of racial bias and prejudice by their very efforts to talk in the abstract in a way that offers them psychological recompense for never living that way in the concrete.

(Artwork created using a modified Shutterstock.com image.)