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Obama’s Tranquility

On the southern border, parents in Central America send unescorted preteens northward among thugs, rapists, and murderers, in hopes that their offspring will survive and thus either anchor their own immigration or at least send back money from the north. Somehow that reality is lost in all the talk about the "children" -- the abject callousness of the parents, the greedy cynicism of Central American governments, the shameless duplicity of Mexico that facilitates the transit of children, and the wink-and-nod demographic angling of the Obama left.  Add it all up and we see tens of thousands of children manipulated as mere pawns, as racialists, the callous, and the conniving all call others the very names that properly fit only themselves.

Why go into the torturing, dismemberment and gassing in Syria, or the random savagery of Libya, or what the cartels do each day in Mexico?

In short, outside the rather limited Western world of democracy and free market capitalism, the world -- Africa, Latin America, Asia, the Middle East -- is a very untranquil place, where the strong dictate to the weak and the weak suffer as they must.

The West is not perfect. It is aging and tired. But right now Obama’s mythical vision of global tranquility exists only in the Westernized world, the result of an aberrant 2,500-year tradition that most of the world despises even as it incompetently seeks to emulate it or travel to it -- or just destroy what it cannot have.

Some tranquility.