Obama Who?

In terms of future elections, Obama has created a new racial paradox for Democrats, the ironic wage of his own racial divisiveness.  As Obama turns off independent voters of all backgrounds by the now monotonous rhetoric -- from “typical white person” to his racial grandstanding in the Trayvon Martin matter, with help always from the reliably polarizing Eric Holder (“my people,” “cowards”) -- the president grows even shriller to make up the losses of moderate voters. Polls now show that the public is more likely to consider Obama racially divisive than a healer. In the upcoming midterm election, it is still unclear whether minority voters will continue to turn out in record numbers and vote in record lockstep Democratic fashion, a scenario increasingly critical to Obama as he loses independents. When one plays at zero-sum identity politics, each voter energized by racial referencing also means one voter -- or more -- polarized.

Cap and trade is dead. EPA director Lisa “Richard Windsor” Jackson proved a hushed-up embarrassment, a sort of asexual version of “Carlos Danger.” In any case, her quiet departure was no more noticed than was the entire tenure of Hilda Solis. Steven Chu and his hopes for gas prices to reach European levels will be as memorable a wish or prediction as was his sigh that California agriculture would dry up and blow away. Drivers have paid over $1 trillion more in collectively higher gas prices since Obama took office. That fact will be more remembered than the promised wave of new green electric cars and high-speed rail.

When Obama occasionally soars with the old “wind and solar” and “millions of new green jobs” tropes, most associate those references with “Solyndra.” How odd that those in the fracking business -- reducing carbon emissions, lowering electricity prices, reducing dependence on foreign energy sources -- have done Obama far more political good than his often inept and corrupt friends in the green subsidy racket.

One way or another, Obamacare will be repealed. If a House representative in 2009 had suggested that those in the executive branch should not enforce the employer mandate of the newly passed Obamacare, he would have incurred charges of being disloyal to the Constitution. Now the author of the bill calls it a "train wreck," and the president chooses not to faithfully execute elements of his own law, his “signature” legislative achievement. With friends like these, why does Obamacare need enemies?

Why would the IRS, charged with enforcing Obamacare, wish its own employees to be exempt from the statutes it will enforce on others? Beware, Democrats: maybe Lois Lerner & Co. will do more freelancing and punish those who spiked their health care premiums. The more vehemently a group in 2009 demanded Obamacare -- unions, government employees, pro-Democratic businesses -- the more likely they were by 2013 to wish exemption from it. Is the lesson something like: “I should be excused from it, since I promoted it more than others”?