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Obama Made Us Do It!

On the issues of the Arizona law and the Ground Zero mosque, once again the president simply cannot make the liberal case, but must obfuscate the issue and challenge the integrity of his opponents: so a 70% majority is apparently trying to deny the constitutional right to worship freely or wishes, in Gestapo fashion, to arrest children as they go out for ice cream. Again, we see the same unwillingness or inability to proudly articulate the liberal vision and convince a majority of Americans to embrace it. Instead, we get slander.

No one was more critical of the Republican Congress’s corruption than me — from Jack Abramoff to Duke Cunningham. Yet now we have Democratic lawlessness embedded within racial politics. We know that charges of racism are used to deflect scrutiny, and wonder only whether thereby they encourage, rather than merely sanction, criminality. The result is that we are reduced to Barack Obama making an ethical and moral argument against the Republicans to the Black Caucus of a Rep. Johnson who diverted scholarship funds to her family and cronies; Rep. Waters, who used influence to save her husband’s financial interest in a failing bank at government expense; Rep. Rangel, who is a serial tax cheat and flaunts congressional statutes; and Ms. Norton, who brazenly calls lobbyists to shake them down for political donations. And we know that it is very unlikely that we will see any sort of Patrick Fitzgerald press conference about any of these issues in the manner of a Scooter Libby. This is hope and change? Cannot one Democrat run on the platform of “no more corruption”? I remember quite a lot of conservatives who gave no mercy to Rep. Foley, Rep. Cunningham, and Sen. Craig.