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Nemesis, After All

News Update

Our annual PJ public Sierra hike is this Saturday, July 13, starting at 8:00 AM, from the Badger Flat Trailhead on the Kaiser Pass Road. We are hiking again to Twin Lakes, about 4 hours round trip of moderate hiking. All are welcome. (In the past, about 30 have participated.) More details are at my Private Papers personal Website.

Also, try having a look at Strategika, a new online military history/foreign affairs magazine that I am editing along with Bruce Thornton and David Berkey under Hoover Institution auspices. It takes a current issue of war and peace, and offers two diametrically opposed positions on it, as well as an historical background essay, commentary, and a reader poll. We are now in issue #3, in which we discuss women in the military.

Finally, I want to thank readers for comments on and support for The Savior Generals, which has now been out 8 weeks. When a historian also offers political commentary, then the latter sometimes means the former is looked upon differently. So thanks again for showing support. In the book I argue, inter alia, that Belisarius was both a military genius and a rare moralist, that William T. Sherman knew how to save Lincoln the election of 1864 and did just that, and that Matthew Ridgway is one of America’s great unsung heroes. (Click here for my recent audio interview on The Savior Generals with PJM’s Ed Driscoll.)

I am working on a new book of military history, The End of All Things. When Wars Become Armageddon, about the rare occasions in history when defeat leads to utter annihilation and the end of a civilization -- and why and how these rarer tragedies come to pass.