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Liberals and Their Uppity Enemies

Then there is Clarence Thomas. Liberals despise him too. He is not as fair-skinned as Barrack Obama, Eric Holder, or Valerie Jarrett. Nor is his accent free from a resonant Southern twang. He talks the same to every audience, without, to paraphrase Harry Reid, Obama’s inclination to change cadences and intonation to fit the particular political constitutency. He would never say Tal-eee-ban or Pok-eee-stan. Thomas to liberals is also uppity: he fails to appreciate just how much abuse that liberals have incurred to institutionalize affirmative action, to help people of color, to celebrate diversity. And what does Thomas do as thanks? For a liberal, Thomas takes hard-won liberal goodies, but does not acknowledge his debt to liberals for their sacrifices. He is a free thinker who makes no apologies for his past or present. Moreover, he is a far better representative of the black American experience of the late 20th century than, say, is the Hawaii prep-schooled, choom-ganger Barry Dunham, son of a white PhD and rather odious Kenyan hustler, whom we now know in his final and most successful reincarnation as Barack Obama.

Finally, liberals really hate Fox News. It trumps the audience of MSNBC and CNN combined and then some. Envy of its success accounts for a lot of the ire. So does its vast array of blond bombshells. For condescending liberals, they are supposed to be empty-headed bimbos, spouting Roger Ailes’ right-wing pabulum. But most are highly intelligent and go head-to-head debating left-wing JDs, MDs, and PhDs, with equal or often superior intelligence and often with comparable degrees. They smile rather than scold like an Elizabeth Warren or Barbara Boxer. They don’t drift off to La-La Land as the intellectually challenged Nancy Pelosi does.

So they too are uppity. How can they dare to analyze America each night without reading the New York Review of Books, the New Yorker, or the TLS? Does not America get their con -- how they entrap the mindless couch potato with golden tresses as these Sirens sing songs of hate and selfishness to run us onto the shoals?

Bill O’Reilly keeps hawking his co-authored books as if they were Pulitzer Prize-winning Doris Kearns Goodwin tomes, and no one says a word, as he floods American with shtick history! Sean Hannity was a bartender, and he dares to fancy himself a Charlie Rose or George Stephanopoulos.

Yes, Fox is really uppity, slashing and burning its way to riches and power, without a shred of homage to the grandfatherly style of Walter Cronkite or the pained liberal face of Dan Rather, or the energized Brian Williams outraged again by yet another dastardly right-wing ploy. To paraphrase the furor of the Obama administration: Fox really believes they are a news agency.

How uppity is that?

(Artwork created using a modified Shutterstock.com image.)