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Is the Country Unraveling?

And what happened? In less than 40 months, Obama destroyed the greatest bipartisan good will that any recent president has enjoyed, and has done more to discredit Keynesian neo-socialist politics than have all of talk radio, Fox News, and the internet combined. In just two years, he took a Democratic Congress and lost the House in the largest midterm setback since 1938. In other words, the people -- fifty percent of whom either do not pay federal income taxes or receive some sort of state or federal entitlement or both -- saw the best face of modern neo-socialism imaginable, and they were not quite sold on it.

Second, it is hard to screw up America in just four years. Look at it this way: gas and oil production has soared despite, not because of, the federal government. The rest of the world -- the unraveling European Union, the Arab Spring, Putin’s Russia, aging Japan, authoritarian China, the recrudescent Marxism in Latin America -- reminds us of American exceptionalism. The verdict from Wisconsin is that the statist model is over. The public union, big pension, non-fireable employee model is left only with an "après nous, le déluge" sigh. The private sector is not doing fine, but shortly will be when it is assured taxes won’t soar, energy will be cheaper, and Obamacare will cease. The irony is that the last four years have reminded us of what we still can be, and how we differ from most other places in the world.

● ● ● ●

Note: Our annual public hike will be August 4th to Twin Lakes (5.8 miles /2.3 hours each way, easy/moderate effort) in the Kaiser Natural Wilderness. We will meet at the trailhead at Badger Flat camping ground/parking lot on Highway 168 at 8 a.m., August 4th, 2012. (Take 168 from Fresno, pass Shaver Lake, go on to Huntington Lake, once there turn right on the Florence/Edison/Mono Hot Springs road and go about 4-5 miles above Huntington Lake, camp ground to your right.) We hope you can join us, usually about 30 or so do.

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