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Fictions as Truth

On illegal immigration scandals, the president would have us believe:

1. Almost all illegal aliens arrive here to work; very few are the old, young, sick, criminal, unskilled, uneducated, or those seeking public assistance.

2. The border is a fluid construct originally designed by largely illiberal interests to artificially claim land that was indigenously owned.

3. Mexico is an enlightened partner that wishes to help the U.S. with its labor needs.

4. At a time of worker scarcity, we desperately need more low-skilled laborers to keep the U.S. economy humming along.

5. The arrival of millions of illegal aliens is a boon to the economy; the few who depend on public assistance or encounter the criminal justice system or impact the health and education services are more than balanced by the millions who work hard at cheap wages and pay taxes for services they rarely draw on.

6. Opposition to illegal immigration is entirely race-driven by an angry but shrinking white minority, which needs to "get over it" and accept the new demographic reality.

7. There have been no real violations of immigration law. Such calcified statutes reflected race and class biases and therefore have no sanctity. Progressive interpretations of border controversies are far more ethical and deserve greater legal weight.

8. Current de facto immigration policy is merit-based and not predicated on racial or ethnic considerations. Proposed “meritocratic” changes to base immigration on education and skill sets are thinly disguised ways of discriminating against people of color.

I could go on with the NSA, AP, and Fast and Furious scandals, but you get the picture: the Obama administration does what it wishes, then says what it pleases, and assumes the media will offer the necessary mythologizing -- and the Americans will get over it.

(Artwork created using multiple Shutterstock.com images.)