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Crashing and Burning in 2013

The flip side is that public efforts to subsidize failures like Solyndra or shut down federal leasing of new gas and oil drilling have mysteriously led to record energy production -- thanks to Obama! The more you try to shut down Keystone or block drilling in Colorado, the more you become the gas and oil president.

Obama may have tired of watching the hunt for bin Laden, and instead in mediis rebus preferred to play cards with sidekick Reggie Love, but he alone also got bin Laden -- not really at all the men who broke into the Pakistani compound, or the prior policies that facilitated their operations.

Force a sequester upon Obama, and suddenly his fiscal sobriety has reduced the deficit.

The second aggravating habit of the president is to calmly talk nonsense, from the trivial to the profound. In the hip cool world of the ex-Harvard Law Review editor, it is legal not to enforce the laws. Plead to your frustrated constituencies who want more stuff right now that you are not quite a dictator, king, or autocrat -- and then you can do your best to act like one.

In such a fantasy world, corpsemen are soldiers instead of zombies. An uncle he stayed with he never met. Austrians speak Austrian. Syrians dare not cross red lines to use chemical weapons. Putin is a valued partner in the Middle East. Iran is now backing down and acting adult-like, not racing to acquire a bomb. The IRS scandal is both “outrageous,” but also now some cooked-up and over-hyped media melodrama. We are still hunting the perpetrators of Benghazi -- once we figure out who exactly was set off by that hateful video that day.

You can keep your existing health plan, your current doctor -- and save $2,500 a year without new taxes -- and with your preexisting condition and the 25 year old on your plan thrown in as a freebie.

On any given day, Obama says things that are not just untrue but also cannot be by any stretch possible. In other words, when he is not intentionally deceiving, he is simply clueless. If he tomorrow were to assert that Iran dare not use chemical weapons, that it is time for Assad to go, that Putin better start treating gays with respect, that in 2014 you really can keep you own doctor and health plan, that Guantanamo is to be closed, that Obamacare is going to save you money and provide better care, that there will be no lobbyists or revolving doors in his administration, would we laugh or cry?

One open mic, two bows, three apologies, four red lines, five deadlines, six “period!”s, and he might have gotten by. But seven, eight…?

Enough already.


I don’t recall that Greece worked. Detroit is bankrupt. California managed to have the highest income, sales, and gas taxes in the U.S., along with the highest poverty levels, near-worst roads, and at-the-bottom schools.

The administration’s cure for nationalizing a sixth of the U.S. economy is to call in private-sector techies to fix the website and a CEO or two to iron out the organization.

Borrowing $6 trillion did not lead to any “summer of recovery.”

In other words, what model -- Illinois, Maryland, Italy, Spain -- is the administration using to chart our course to ever more statism? Is Apple run by G-10s? Is fracking a discovery of the Energy Department? Is the IRS a model of fairness and probity?