Community Organizing America

The logical trajectory of the Obama-Eric Holder racial demagoguery was nearly historic bloc-voting by ostensibly angry black voters who both registered and turned out in record numbers. The Henry Louis Gates/beer summit farce may have been pathetic. Eric Holder seemed a transparent fool when he talked about “a nation of cowards” and “my people.” But that and more did work in the community-organizing sense.

No one quite thought that Obama himself would trump his campaign faux-pas statements like “typical white person” and “I can no more disown Rev. Wright than…” with editorializing in the midst of the George Zimmerman trial in patently racist fashion (“If I had a son, he’d look like Trayvon”), or giving credence to the complete myth of Ferguson’s “hand up, don’t shoot” that begat “Black Lives Matter.” But he did and it also worked, at least in the short-term. After all, somehow street chanting and “Death to Cops” banners are now non-controversial; saying they are is proof you are racist.

When Quentin Tarantino -- a frequent target of black activists for gratuitous n-word-laced screen violence -- flies out to New York for atonement by ensuring he is heard calling the police murderers, then the nature of the new black/non-black antithesis is obvious. And when “white privilege” (tell that to the Appalachian mechanic or the long-haul Nebraska trucker) transmogrifies from specious university cant to mainstream network news lead-ins, then we have reentered the new version of the old racial politics: can racialist rhetoric energize enough minorities to turn out and vote en masse for Democratic leftists to offset record alienation of so-called Reagan Democratic working-class whites?

Are whites now to see themselves as sharing a new solidarity, in the tribal fashion of other minorities, given that in a state like California they are no longer a “majority”? In Obama Nation, where everyone must be hyphenated, or foremost a member of a particular tribe, or must seek solidarity through his superficial appearance -- in unspoken antagonism to supposed enemies who are enemies by virtue of their own skin color -- there will be a tribal reaction of its own. Indeed, one of the strangest spin-offs of the Obama era is to walk into a supermarket in a Latino-dominated rural town and see a rare white stranger suddenly unusually greet you, as if you had something in common, given that everyone else identifies by race and therefore apparently you must too. When I stop by the “Latino Market” or hear candidates greet with “Latinas and Latinos,” is “white-boy market” and “white guys and gals” far behind? Is that what Obama wanted?

There is no longer a divide between green and pragmatic voters. Instead, we have noble global warmists who want criminal penalties for climate-change “deniers.” The one-percenters are rapacious and greedy exploiters -- unless they buy exemption by funding and promoting the proper progressive narratives. And so on.

Long after Barack Obama is gone and ensconced in warm-weather golf-course mansions, the country will remain divided. The them/us splits are the real Obama legacy that tops even his $20 trillion in debt, chronic zero interest rates, a wrecked Middle East, stagnant growth, a hemorrhaging medical system, and record labor non-participation rates.

A shattered Humpty Dumpty could not be put back together again. The question is not just whether America’s shards can be re-glued into a whole, but whether Obama and those who have profited from breaking apart the body politic even wish it ever to be whole again.

(Artwork created using a modified image.)