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Are You 'Them!'?

Punish Our Enemies?

In the last week, there was more talk on illegal immigration from open-borders activists, the Obama administration, and Mexico—all to the effect that the United States has to shape up, be more caring, and start granting amnesty (“comprehensive immigration reform”). But what are we missing? Did not over 11 million people enter the U.S. illegally, and without apparent care about the law? I would not drive into Mexico without legal identification, or sign affidavits that I knew were false, or abandon my car at the scene of an accident in Acapulco, or register for public assistance in Mexico City, but I am to expect others can do the reverse with impunity?

Does not the U.S. allow almost $50 billion to leave the country for Latin America in remittances? Are not American social services extended to illegal aliens at a time when states are near bankrupt? Are not nearly 50,000 illegal aliens housed in California prisons at a cost of at least $40,000 each per annum?

In other words, the United States seems to have been a generous host. Why then the unending anger and accusations, rather than frequent gratitude that one is living in Fresno rather than Oaxaca? Whether intended or not, the message is hourly becoming “you better let me come into your insensitive, illiberal, and uncaring country—or else!”

Rarely in the history of U.S. immigration have the representatives of want-to-be citizens been so angry at the majority of the country into which their constituents have decided to move. Only Orwell could explain why the Mexican government is suing the state of Arizona to force it to accept its own apparently unwanted Mexican nationals who have entered that state illegally: “You better let us export to you our own whom we cannot house or feed adequately (and often will not care to)—or else!”

What We Look Like Matters—Sometimes, Always, Never?

Then there was President Obama announcing his new African Americans for Obama website , where the president appeals directly to a constituency to support him on the basis of shared racial identity. I am afraid it was quite frank; mutatis mutandis the appeal would be sort of like a theoretical caricatured President Billy Bob Alabama creating a Europeanamericans.billybobalabama.com site with appeals to those who look him to give him money on that account.

Apparently the president is worried that a 96% majority of black voters might slip to near 92% in key states, given near-record levels of black unemployment during his administration.

But the problem is that there is a pattern here. This comes after the 2010 video appealing to past supporters to continue solidarity on the basis of race and gender, and all the other minority-targeted “punish our enemies” tropes. I think we got that message about March 2008: The more noble souls in our country are supposed to ensure that conservatives do not discriminate on the basis of what Americans “look like,” and so they will accomplish that precisely by appealing to voters en masse on the basis of what they look like. What a strange logic: blacks are to vote for Obama on the basis of being black, but others must vote for him on the basis of him not being black.