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America Through the Looking Glass

Debt is now the father of us all. In some sense, every cruise missile fired, every Social Security check cashed, ever NPR show aired is done so in part with borrowed money. In response, the president saw the impending doom of insolvency, appointed a bipartisan commission to draft a solution, and then ignored his own appointees' recommendations. So far the excuse is largely that George Bush ran up debt as well, although last month Obama’s red-ink exceeded the entire 2007 budget deficit under Bush — 30 days of Obama trumping 365 of Bush.

President Obama ran on promises of a new respect for the law. But the law is now malleable and predicated on its social utility. The government, along with the nation of Mexico, sues the state of Arizona for trying to craft legislation that enforces federal immigration statutes. The government takes over Chrysler and then violates the contractual obligations to its debtors. We announce that the careless BP simply put up $20 billion to ensure proper cleanup of the Gulf. The Defense of Marriage Act is the law, but deemed unconstitutional by the administration and thus by fiat not enforced, in the manner of the abandoned prosecution of the Black Panthers whose violations of election laws were considered not violations.

If we think the country is topsy-turvy, the president offered an explanation the other day to a group of donors and supporters:

The first time around it’s like lightning in a bottle. There’s something special about it, because you’re defying the odds. And as time passes, you start taking it for granted that a guy named Barack Hussein Obama is president of the United States. But we should never take it for granted.

In short, all of the above was “special” because it “defied the odds” and was brought to us by “a guy named Barack Hussein Obama.”

And that is all ye need to know.