A Culture in Ruins

Dispatches from the Memory Hole

The country elected and reelected Barack Obama. That means nothing. As the president suffers the same second-term meltdowns as all his predecessors -- but not quite the visceral hatred that led to Clinton’s impeachment and the near dehumanization of Bush -- we are told that racism explains why a president one day has a 60% approval rating and later barely achieves 40%. The IRS, Benghazi, NSA, AP, and ACA scandals, and the embarrassments over Syria, Egypt and Libya apparently mean nothing. Ponder that: In our present culture, to the degree you support Obama you are exempt from the charge of racism; to the degree you begin to question him, you earn suspicion.

Meanwhile, we hear whispers that in our big cities a new fad spreads of young African-American teen males boxing unsuspecting people in the head (the “knockout” game). Even a congresswoman was decked. There is gossip that Jews in New York are especially targeted. I say gossip because usually the racial profiles of both the victims and suspected perpetrators are felt to be better hushed.  Racism in our culture is not evident in selecting targets to brain bash on the basis of their race, but in suggesting that the evidence so far suggests that it happens.

In our relativistic culture, the common bond between incurring vast national debt, federal programs that are failing, lies from top officials, and a host of other scandals is simply who benefits and who is bothered. Obamacare became a scandal only when 51% of the people feared that they would be put out in a way they were not by a politicized IRS that collects someone else’s taxes, or a NSA that spies on someone else, or an AP journalist whose name no one knows, or a jailed video maker about whom no one cares. But Obamacare affects the people and so the panicked men of the people must make the necessary adjustments through euphemisms and falsities to the point that no one can remember what was promised in 2009, much less what was even once said.

I saw the candidate Obama say in 2008 that a president cannot pick and choose which laws to enforce. And I saw him in 2013 do just that. But then did I really see that -- and if I did why would I mention that I did? What suspicious urge would drive me to note a discrepancy? What thought crime am I guilty of?

Why would a culture that canonizes a Kanye West, Miley Cyrus, or Lady Gaga have the discrimination to determine whether their chief executive tells the truth or lies? Obamacare is a great program in a way that West, Cyrus, and Gaga are great artists, in a way that more iPads will mean more geniuses.

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