A Culture in Ruins

Starting from Zero

In other words, once you have rebelled against hexameters, quarter notes, or realistic representation, and after you have rebelled against that rebellion with crucifixes in urine, obscenity-laced rap, and peek-a-boo nudity on stage, what are you left with? The 20th-century rebels who knew what they did not like have been replaced by the anti-rebels who don’t know that there was ever something against which to rebel. Again, we are left with the 21st-century of Lady Gaga giving birth to a blue sphere, Miley Cyrus probing body orifices with a foam oversized finger, and Kanye West humping on a motorcycle while reciting obscene nursery-rhyme ditties.

In a society where endorsing fairness and equality equates with success, no supposedly arbitrary canons can exclude much of anything. Who are you to say that song A is bad, or movie B is good, given your own class, race, and gender privileges that result in excluding someone or something? The less dialogue and the more explosions and nudity earn supposedly more ticket-buyers, at least until a new generation wishes to build something from the ashes.

There can be no truth in our culture, given that it discriminates and proves hurtful to too many.  The greatest sin in America is not to lie, but to embrace a hierarchy of any sort at all.

I think Barack Obama once promised Americans that we would never lose our doctors or preexisting health plans when his Obamacare was enacted. But I am not sure anymore. He has explained that he never said that, and retroactively added that he had long warned us that our plans were in danger if they did not comply with his new guidelines. Maybe I’d forgotten that. Even if the president of the United States is lying about his lie, what difference does it make? Those who cite the lie, not the untruth teller, are those who seek to impose discriminatory standards.

I also gather that Obamacare has so far not worked too well, because Republicans and the privileged sabotaged it. Or perhaps it is working well and soon we will see proof of that claim with an 80% successful sign-up rate. After all, buy a book on Amazon or a ticket on Travelocity and you must be pleased if you can get through in four out of five tries. In our present culture, language creates reality, and those who object are veritable enemies of the people.

Our culture also seems shocked that you cannot mandate more healthcare for more people at less cost. It is outraged that those who use it rarely would not voluntarily rush to pay more for what others will use a lot. That there are still innate laws of physics and human nature seems somehow unfair or at least someone's fault. More unemployment insurance, EBT cards, disability coverage, and free phones appear magically because they should do so. Those who say they do not, or do not wish them to appear magically, apparently therefore ensure that they don't.

I thought our culture had become less paranoid about matter of race. But the opposite in fact is true. Oprah Winfrey is a multibillionaire, and yet she announces that those whom she thinks are racist must soon die for what she thinks is endemic racism to end. But who would adjudicate who is and who is not racist? Oprah -- who believes it is racist to criticize Barak Obama? Maybe critics of the president can wear yellow badges and be monitored and catalogued as we die, as proper metrics of the country’s trajectory to a racially tolerant society? But who will police the police -- what if Oprah herself could be the racist who sees and judges people on the basis of how they look or most closely approximate her own appearance?