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Hunter Biden Has a Spicy Message for Critics Eye-Rolling the Eyewatering Prices for His Paintings. It's Exactly What You'd Expect From Him.

Image from linked Instagram post.

You may have heard that Hunter Biden’s latest grift on the world is his role as straw painter. Since Biden’s last tranche of rehab stays, latest marriage to his latest baby-mama (after knocking up a stripper), and his hook-up with his brother’s widow, he’s come full circle and is in need of therapy. Art is his therapy. What’s shocking is that his art form is not porn.

Indeed, the man who used to troll Los Angeles homeless encampments for crack and is seen on ew-inducing, compromising videos and photos of him smoking crack while having sex, ahem, among other things, now says it’s his art that has left him “stripped bare.” Oops, already seen that, too.

Hunter has been the family screw-up and dad – now President Joe Biden – has done all he can to turn the family crack addict into the family rain-maker.

And Dad’s done all right. He’s used his influence to put Hunter in a cushy job for a Delaware-based bank, a board membership on Amtrak, a board membership on a Ukrainian energy company, and when his dad was Veep, took him on Air Force Two to lock down a sweet deal with Communist Chinese officials in a finance deal. Dad got keys to the office.

We can well appreciate why the younger Biden wants to flip the script. Fair-minded people believe in redemption. But Hunter must also appreciate why millions of Americans don’t sincerely believe that works by this new artist net as much or more than proven artists whose works are household names.

His agent has his eyes on China. That’s right, the same Chinese trying to park money in the United States and buy influence suddenly think Hunter’s “courageous” paintings are just the ticket … for a cool $500,000.

Joe Biden’s spending has spiked inflation. We just didn’t anticipate it would spike the prices of his son’s paintings.

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Knowing all of this, you can understand why there’s just a wee bit of skepticism in “Realville,” as Rush Limbaugh used to call it. Writer Mark Steyn calls Hunter’s latest gambit “a better racket than the Clinton Foundation.”

Biden was a guest on an art podcast this week to talk about his latest racket, er art.

Biden told the art guys that if anyone questions the prices of his pieces then “f**k ’em.” The comment brought knowing laughs all around.

The hosts cooed over Biden’s work and offered him an opportunity to expand on his vast art knowledge, inspirations, and the meaning of his paintings, which he does with straws and sometimes a brush.

To become an artist and subject yourself to that uh, that uh, that uh, the normal criticism of sharing your art to a wider audience than your friends and family is, you know, uh, a pretty courageous thing to do. … it took me to be absolutely stripped bare that saved my soul was – beyond my family and Melissa – was the thing that was constant to me other than my brother was – that was art for me.

Revealing his art to the masses is “pretty courageous,” but only if you don’t count NYPD and FDNY officers on 9/11, the survivors of the USS Lexington in the Battle of the Coral Sea, Portland cops cowboying up to confront another riot, the CIA paramilitary operators in Tora Bora, Nightstalker pilots in the mountains of Afghanistan, and, I don’t know, Mike Murphy, Marcus Luttrell, and rest of the gritty bunch in Operation Red Wings.

And Hunter would like you to know that if you question the wildly high prices for his courageous paintings, if you’re one who’s skeptical about his commitment to art, then “f**k” you, too.

Without getting too much into the weeds about his self-taught experience, Hunter said he has owned several NC and Andrew Wyeth prints – which can go for thousands of dollars,  is inspired by Mark Bradford (from whose works it appears he liberally borrows) and “the amazing David Hockney.” He loves the art scene in Culver City, California, and has always had a place to do his art and write his poetry in all of his houses.

He told the art guys that he’s used to the criticism from the Right.

“I think I’m the most famous artist in the MAGA world. […] I’ve gotten to share my art, not only with you guys and other people that I care about but I’ve also got to share with the entire viewing audience of Fox News, OAN, and Newsmax.”

Laughs all around.

One of the hosts laughed and said, “Without sounding too snarky, that may be the only contemporary art that they’ve happened to be exposed to.”

More laughs.

Oh, those conservative rubes.

Classically trained artists who have painted, sold, and shown their work for years must wonder what fresh hell this glow pop work from the end of the straw blown by Hunter Biden is all about.

Indeed, some of Hunter’s paintings are pleasing images. You might want one of them, but for those prices you might wait – maybe until Target makes a wallpaper pattern out of it. Put it in your powder room.

I know an accomplished painter who’s been doing plein air paintings for more than 30 years and yields tens of thousands of dollars for his large canvasses. He may wonder how a guy making images that look like a pretty wallpaper design would suddenly be garnering half a million dollars per image.

But at least Hunter knows his limits.

“I don’t think I’m audacious or presumptuous enough to tape a banana to a wall and try to sell it but …

Good to know.

The Biden prodigal really means it this time and deserves a turnaround in his life, but he shouldn’t expect us to not see what’s really going on here.

Hunter’s “f**k ’em” appears to be his life’s philosophy.


All the way to Dad’s bank.