The Kruiser Kabana Episode 149: Anti-Vaxxers Are Showing Up in the Strangest Places

We gather for this episode to dispel a myth that is all the rage among the prevaricating left-wing media.


According to the leftist COVID Panic Porn Pushers, it is only a bunch of crazy right-wing nutjobs who are opposed on principle to getting the vaccine. Personal experience alone informs me that this isn’t true, as almost every conservative I know is vaccinated. Of the small group I know who aren’t, it’s mostly because they got the ‘Rona last year. I’m vaccinated. I don’t bug anybody who isn’t, though. To the chagrin of a few on my side, I’ve also decided that it’s not a political hill I’m even interested in climbing, let alone dying on.

Still, pushback against false narratives is what I do here.

We examine some pockets of vax resistance that aren’t getting a lot of media mention. Here is the link to the article that I mention. Yeah, I’m still stunned that I read it in the WaPo.

My buddy Cam Edwards from our sister site Bearing Arms joins me next week for our 150th episode.