Biden's Legacy Could Be Dooming Us to Relearn the 20th Century's Ugliest Lessons in the 21st

AP Photo/Andrew Harnik

Shortly after President Joe Biden’s 100th day in office, we are seeing what could be considered the logical conclusion of years of the Democrat Party winking at street violence and coddling outspoken anti-Semites in their caucus. Add the push for Critical Race Theory, which is based less on race than it is on hatred of Western civilization, and you are sitting on a powder keg. Violence against minorities that the radical left considers “white adjacent” is on the rise. Their actual crime is embracing the elements of Western culture, such as meritocracy, education, and private property. As a result, they are far too successful.

In a desperate attempt to smear former President Trump, Democrats linked an uptick in violence against Asian Americans to anger among Trump supporters over COVID-19. Much to their dismay, only one violent crime that involved Asian victims was linked to someone that looked like they could be a Trump supporter, a white male. It turns out that race had nothing to do with that horrific incident.

After much fanning of their preferred narrative that included an anti-Asian hate crime bill, they have largely dropped the issue. Not because it has stopped. It started to become clear that black assailants often committed these crimes. Rather than acknowledge this, the entire topic has disappeared from legacy media and Democrat leaders. However, Democrats were good enough to let us know Asian Americans are just a little too good at embracing Western culture. They voted down an amendment to the hate crime bill to prevent discrimination against Asian students in college admissions.

Now, the current conflict between Israel and the Palestinians has sparked increased violence against Jews in the West. Scrolling through Twitter beginning last weekend, you would have seen images of violence against Jews in New York City, Los Angeles, Toronto, and throughout Europe. Like violence against Asians, increased violence against Jews in some American cities has occurred for a while. It goes underreported for the same reason violence against Asians has, especially in New York City.

The fascists and communists had far more in common than either group would like to admit. Both are authoritarian, view people as collective groups rather than individuals, and excuse or encourage violence against those who reject their ideology. The minor differences in the economic systems do not overshadow the carnage and human suffering their ideology demands. Perhaps the most significant common ground between the two is pure hatred of the West. That is probably why some commentators are calling what we are witnessing now a red-green alliance. From a 2013 article in Terrorism and Political Violence:

No matter how unlikely it may seem, radical Leftists and Islamists have come closer in recent years. Drawing on substantial ideological interchange, and operating at both state and non-state levels, the two movements are building a Common Front against the United States and its allies. In this article, we use framing theory to examine the contemporary convergence of political Islam and the radical Left. Both radical Leftists and Islamists have utilized the master frame of anti-globalization/anti-capitalism and the master frame of anti-colonialism/anti-imperialism to elicit support from the widest possible range of people.

The political right boxed out radical views decades ago. Canadian professor and clinical psychologist Jordan Peterson asserted in 2018 that the right had identified markers for people who have gone too far in their ideological presuppositions. He said this happened since the end of World War II, and the marker has been assertions of racial superiority. William F. Buckley reinforced this by bouncing the John Birch Society, and Ronald Reagan also repudiated support from the Ku Klux Klan. Now, this ethos is automatic, as seen in the complete rejection of the tiki torch-wielding buffoons in Charlottesville by the entire mainstream right a few years ago.

No one with these views roams the halls of power on the right. Even adjacent views will be punished as Republicans did by censuring and replacing Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa). Of course, the left refuses to acknowledge this. Instead, they accuse those on the right of engaging in conspiracy theories. A few examples are the lab leak origin theory for COVID-19, the Russian collusion hoax, and even Hunter Biden’s laptop. Unfortunately, the facts that emerge tend to prove the version of events articulated by the right. Simultaneously, Leftists assert that perfectly mainstream views on immigration, border security, and radical Islam are racist, which is absurd.

In the same video, Peterson asserted the left has never identified similar markers:

“Now here’s the issue. We know things can go too far on the right and we know things can go too far on the left. But we don’t know what the markers are for going too far on left. And I would say it is ethically incumbent on those that are liberal or left-leaning to identify the markers of pathological extremism on the left and distinguish themselves from the people who hold those pathological viewpoints.”

At the time, Peterson said those advocating equity might be the marker. Unfortunately, in the intervening years, better markers may have emerged. It could be those who advocate racial essentialism, political violence, and antisemitism that need to be boxed out. Though it seems the Democrats have chosen to embrace these groups.

Joe Biden and Democrats refuse to condemn the radical groups within their coalition who are doing this today. The bigots and anti-Semites in their alliance slither through the halls of Congress and were welcomed at the Democratic National Convention. This tepid response continues as Democrats simultaneously call for an end to antisemitic violence and increasing Islamophobia. There has not been a single incident of the latter, and party leadership has once again failed to call out the open anti-Semites in their caucus.

The sitting vice president tweeted out a link to raise bail money for people looting, and rioting and Minneapolis and Biden called antifa just an “idea.” Weird how an idea can burn down the city of Portland for nearly a year. The new administration is also pushing racial essentialism by prioritizing grants for curriculum based on critical race theory and the 1619 Project. Just this week, it appears the Biden State Department is advocating embassies fly the Black Lives Matter flag to mark the anniversary of George Floyd’s death. This group was, of course, founded by trained Marxists and promote the destruction of the nuclear family.

Every horror of the 20th Century began with othering a group of people. Whether it was the Holodomor in Ukraine under Joseph Stalin, the Cultural Revolution in China under Mao, or the Holocaust in Europe under Adolf Hitler, every horror began with pointing to a group of people that impede the progress of the radical left or the far right and scapegoating them. It appears Democrats did not learn that fundamental lesson. Biden and Democrat leadership still tolerate and even embrace the anti-West and antisemitic coalitions within their coalition. This behavior will do nothing other than continue to put thriving minority populations that do not qualify as oppressed at risk for violence now and in the future.

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