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Voters Saw Joe Biden Moving Left Even Before the Horrific Unity Platform

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President Trump is trying to make the case that presumptive Democrat nominee Joe Biden is far left of center. It must be resonating with some voters because they are now placing Biden closer to the ideological extreme. According to Morning Consult:

Former Vice President Joe Biden has spent the past several months working to make inroads with progressives in the Democratic electorate, while also fending off an increasing number of attacks from Republicans who say he is a tool of the “radical left.” That contention appears to be registering with the American electorate, new polling shows, with voters now viewing the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee as more liberal than they did earlier this year.

On a scale of one to seven, Biden has moved nearly a half a point away from where voters previously viewed him. This assessment was taken from July 7-9. A moderate is a score of four on Morning Consult’s scale with the ideal candidate being slightly right of center between 4.2 and 4.3.

Voters see Biden left

Morning Consult screenshot.

Voters are center-right

Biden’s shift to the left is noted across party lines. Democrats actually rated Biden’s leftward shift as larger than did Republicans and Independents. Meanwhile, President Trump moved 0.1 to the right. This slight move is astonishing, given the characterization of recent events in the corporate media. Given the “dark and divisive” rhetoric about his Mount Rushmore speech alone, a more substantial move could have been anticipated.

It is also interesting to note that the ideal candidate for most respondents is center-right. It has shifted 0.1 to the left but is still well above center on a seven-point scale. Again, it can be assumed recent events may have influenced this shift. There seems to be some bipartisan agreement that modest police reform is desired after the graphic video of George Floyd’s death. This preference should be a strength for Republican candidates if they can leverage it.

Biden’s unity platform

There are already several facts that could push voters’ view of Biden more leftward. You can read about Joe Biden’s radical housing policy, which was part of his original agenda. It goes further than Barack Obama’s, forcing suburban communities to give up the ability to do zoning locally by leveraging highway funds. It is a stunning federal power grab. Or you can read MoveOn’s assessment of Biden’s original platform. They call it the most progressive presidential agenda in history, blowing up the idea that Biden is moderate.

Both of these existed before the poll was taken. Since then, Biden has announced his unity platform with Senator Bernie Sanders. The platform gives Republican voters everything they need to combat the lie that Joe Biden is a “return to normal.”  This plan demonstrates that he is a tool of the radical left, and some of the committee participants should terrify you.

The radical nature of Biden’s unity platform is too significant to be summarized in a single article. It is designed to fundamentally change how our economy operates, how our communities are organized, and how we participate in international organizations. It explicitly calls for redistribution of wealth from the United States to other nations.

If you don’t think Biden is serious about implementing this agenda, it is important to note he opened the door to ending the Senate filibuster today. If Democrats control the House, Senate, and the presidency, a simple majority vote in the Senate will give them the ability to ram this unity agenda through the same way Obamacare was. Without a single opposition vote.

There are international organizations, like the World Economic Forum, that are already laying the groundwork for these types of programs using “systemic racism” and the pandemic as a pretext. The new unity agenda fits these plans, and some of the same players are involved. Former Secretary of State John Kerry is on the unity platform’s climate team and also backs the WEF’s Great Reset program.

Because of the complicated nature of these plans and how they overlap with international organizations and movements, PJ Media will devote a series of articles to Biden’s unity platform over the next week. In other words, we will read it, so you don’t have to. The intention is to give you the information required to influence others to see just how serious Joe Biden is when he says he will fundamentally transform America.

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