There's Been a Horrifying Discovery in a Dumpster at an Ohio Abortion Clinic

(Image by drewplaysdrums from Pixabay)

The pro-death ghouls on the left will stop at nothing to make sure abortion is dangerous, legal(ish), and common—quite a departure from the days when Bill Clinton said it should be “safe, legal, and rare.” The powerful death cult even opposes commonsense measures to ensure that abortion clinics are safe and sanitary. They pitch a fit anytime lawmakers or health officials try to force them to clean up their filthy clinics or hold them to the same standards as other medical facilities. One thing I’ve learned over the years of being an advocate for unborn babies is that abortion proponents don’t value human life—at all. They may pay lip service to the concept, screeching about abortion being a human right, but they don’t mean it.

The Bible says that in the last days, “liars whose consciences are seared” will deceive people (1 Timothy 4:2). There’s a point at which an individual has committed so much evil that he loses the ability to feel shame, remorse, or empathy for those he’s harmed. That’s the only explanation I can come up with for how doctors in abortion clinics can continually, day after day, chop up babies and then go home to their families at night without a care in the world.

That’s what I thought about when I heard the news today that an aborted baby had been found in a dumpster behind an abortion clinic in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio. The child, estimated to be at 16-18 weeks gestation, had been tortured during the dilation and extraction abortion, dismembered, and wrapped in a blood-stained surgical pad and then carelessly dumped into a garbage bin behind the Northeast Ohio Women’s Center (NEOWC). Pictures of the dismembered child can be viewed here (until Facebook takes them down), but please view them with caution. They are extremely disturbing. The child’s severed left leg, right foot, and right hand can be clearly seen in the photos, along with other crushed body parts. Lord, have mercy.

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In addition to the murdered child, Matthew Connolly, a pro-life “Red Rose Rescuer,” found discarded prescription vials and urine cups that included names of clinic patients, along with bio-hazard waste—bloody surgical pads and soiled suction cannulas used in abortions.

According to a press release by Created Equal, “Subsequent searches of the NEOWC trash containers were conducted by Connolly and a local pro-life activist from June 8th through June 29th.” The group found “more patient names on prescription pads, urine-filled specimen cups with women’s names, and more bloody items connected with the abortion procedures. Altogether 31 names of women, both first and last names were found,” which is a violation of HIPAA regulations.” I’ll say it is.

Sherri Lynn Grossman, NEOWC’s administrator, denied the allegations, according to the Beacon Journal. “Absolutely not — absolutely not,” she said. “We have very strict policies and procedures in place.” She warned that groups attempting to go through their trash could be guilty of criminal trespassing.

The NEOWC has a history of unsafe conditions and flouting laws. In 2013, the clinic was shuttered by the health department for various violations and found to be in violation of federal DEA regulations. David Burkons, one of the clinic’s main executioners (who had his license revoked for six months in 2017 after he was caught running a pill mill), reopened the clinic a year later under another name (same phone number and website—a sneaky trick abortion providers use to subvert health and safety regulations) with Burkons in charge. Despite his history (read his rap sheet here), Burkons has been associated with several other abortion mills in Ohio. In July 2020, a 29-year-old patient at the clinic was rushed by ambulance to a local hospital due to uncontrolled bleeding as a result of a botched abortion.

Last year, Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine signed into law the Fetal Remains Bill. It requires abortion facilities to either inter or cremate the bodies of children murdered at abortion clinics, affording the babies a small measure of dignity after they die. However, the rules and procedures associated with the new law are still being hammered out, and it’s not clear whether the baby’s remains are subject to the law.

If nothing else, the clinic should be subject to regulations on hazardous waste disposal (though I loathe using that term to describe a human child).

Denise Leipold, executive director of Right to Life of Northeast Ohio, said in a press release that her group is planning a funeral for the victim. She added, “Right to Life of Northeast Ohio, Ohio Right to Life, and Citizens for a Pro-life Society are working with the Attorney General and other regulatory agencies to file charges and fully investigate the egregious disregard for the law and more.”

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Ohio state Sen. Kristina Roegner, a Republican, said in a statement, “The thought of what happened sickens me. I want to thank Right to Life of Northeast Ohio and Ohio Right to Life for shining a light on this atrocity.”

“Unborn life is precious, innocent and sacred, therefore we must continue without ceasing to fight for the right to life, and to protect the health and safety of Ohio residents and the environment,” she added.

You can watch the full press conference below, but do it before Facebook removes it.