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Smollett's Lawyers Accuse Judge of "Lunging" and "Snarling" at Them and Move for Mistrial

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Jussie Smollett’s trial is lit AF, although none of us can see it since it’s not being broadcast on television or YouTube for some unknown reason. Hoaxer Smollett’s attorneys seem to be the perfect match for him and are now accusing the judge of “lunging” and “snarling” at them, even calling for a mistrial over how they allege the judge is acting. If that sounds far-fetched, you’re not the only one who thinks so. The New York Post had a reporter in the courtroom. That reporter didn’t see the alleged lunging. 

While the attorneys were conferring with Linn, Walker claimed he “physically lunged” at her when she presented the motion for a mistrial, a claim the justice vigorously denied and which was not witnessed by The Post.

I know what you’re thinking: did the judge scream “This is MAGA country!” when he allegedly “lunged” and “snarled” at Jussie Smollett’s lawyers? 

Judge James Linn denies the charge and said he was shocked at the motion for the mistrial. “When you said the word mistrial on these grounds, frankly I was stunned you’d even consider a mistrial based on this,” Linn said. Then he denied the accusation of lunging and described how he walked back behind the bench after speaking to the attorneys in a sidebar. “I marched right back behind my bench,” he said.

Tamara Walker, the attorney who says Judge Linn lunged at her was reportedly close to tears and left the courtroom with her mother after being rebuffed by the judge. But the accusations didn’t stop there. Attorney for Smollett Heather Widell accused the judge of “snarling” after every objection by the defense in front of the jury! “I’ve noticed snarls multiple times,” Widell said.

It’s a miracle that didn’t land her a contempt charge. Instead, the judge took the attorneys into his chambers and after they emerged again he instructed the jury to ignore everything that had occurred regarding the allegations.

I cannot be the only one who is mystified at why this trial is not being broadcast. What a loss! All we have are ridiculous sketches of the fracas. It’s 2021. We can do better than this. LIVESTREAM IT!

The lack of cameras in courtrooms leads to much injustice. Courtrooms are open in America and in 2021 that means they should be broadcast to YouTube in order to afford the public the most transparency. It keeps everybody honest when the world is watching. Does anyone think these attorneys would have made this accusation if everyone could analyze the video within a minute or so after it occurred? I doubt it. Or—if it was true—the world would see a judge behaving badly and hold him accountable.

Without video, no one will believe it, especially since these are Smollett’s lawyers. Lawyers who would take on a guy like this with so much evidence against him are reaching big time. They should just take a plea deal and call it a day. Instead, their only play is to fabricate a story of their own and try to deflect the blame onto a “bad judge” or a “racist system” that is oppressing their client. I don’t think it’s going to work.

Smollett attacked Chicago with his stunt. He smeared an entire city, he cost the taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars in investigative resources, and he made it more difficult for real victims to get the attention they deserve. He’s not getting out of this. The entire city wants payback. And they’re going to get it a pound of flesh at a time.

If Jussie Smollett had any decency, he would throw himself at the mercy of the court, change his plea to guilty, pay back the city, and apologize to the citizens of Chicago and the country for exploiting racial hatred for his own gain. But he won’t.

Most people feel like he’s not going to get any jail time out of this trial and that’s probably true. But as a form of punishment, I like making him show up every day and sit under harsh questioning and the stares of a jury. The only thing that would make it more punitive is to televise it. He’s the one who wanted to be more famous than he was, and I think we should oblige.

You can hear my argument for cameras in the courtroom if you are a VIP member at the link below.

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