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[WATCH] Embattled President Trump Bolstered by Spontaneous Chant at Trump Rally

AP Photo/Evan Vucci

President Trump is taking arrow after arrow lately after a string of tell-all books have been released to throw gasoline on the fires set to run him out of office. He is one of the most hated and loved political figures in my lifetime. I often wonder how he handles the constant onslaught of fake news that sets out to destroy his character, slander his name, and turn the world against him. It’s a tough job and no one has had it harder than Donald Trump.

Like Superman derives his strength from the sun, Trump draws strength and energy from his rallies, which until recently he wasn’t allowed to have due to the coronavirus restrictions. But he recently came out swinging in Latrobe, Pa., and Jupiter, Fl., to crowds that have missed him as much as he has missed them.

Rush Limbaugh called his Latrobe rally, “one for the ages.”

I’m telling you, this rally last night — you know, Kathryn and I were watching this thing, and we’re saying, “Something had to happen.” I’ve not seen Trump this up, he was flawless. His energy level did not change from the moment he hit the stage. There wasn’t one, “uh, uh, you know.” He didn’t lose his train of thought. He shifted from prompter to ad-lib seamlessly. He was so on his game. I’m saying to myself, they had to get some good news. The internal polling data must really be through the roof. ‘Cause I’m telling you, folks, this was a Trump rally we haven’t seen this year.

The audience was at rapt attention for every word. Now, he gets mocked, Trump does, for being a moronic, unpresidential boob. Let me just tell you. As a highly trained, instinctively talented communications expert, you can’t do what Donald Trump does at these rallies or impromptu get-togethers in the White House or the Oval Office, you can’t do what he does without a vast and superior intelligence and awareness of the topics and circumstances.

The Latrobe rally was a great one. Trump’s fans are thrilled to finally have the chance to be with the president again and show him their support which, he must feel cut off from when the rallies are not happening. The news about him is so negative that it must have an effect on his mental state. You could see the look of joy on Trump’s face when the crowd in North Carolina broke out into a spontaneous chant of “We love you!”


This was quite a moment. It’s not easy to get a chant going in a crowd that size. The chants of “USA” or “Four More Years” are a usual interruption, but to have the whole crowd suddenly chant “We love you!” was just cool. The president needed to hear it and the people needed to say it. We’ve been through so much in 2020 and like any good leader, I’m sure the president worries about making decisions that will impact people’s lives. The president was reassured that his base is definitely still with him. Look at this crowd!


Meanwhile, Joe Biden had a Labor Day event that looked like an advertisement for Scotts Turf Builder.

This one looked like some kind of punishment akin to putting people in the stocks. We’re not sure what these people did, but they’ll never do it again.

The president is scheduled to hold rallies this week in Michigan and Nevada. Get ready for more fun!

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