The Five Most Infantile Beliefs on Display at the 'Occupy' Tantrums

What we have here are the biggest, baddest public temper tantrums we’ve seen since 1960s spoiled-brat college kids reverted to the terrible twos and marched, rioted, burned, and bombed their way across America.

So far at least, the violence at “Occupy” tantrums hasn’t reached ’60s-level, though there have been thefts, assaults, rapes, and lots – and lots and lots – of incendiary hate speech.

Old ’60s radicals, now in charge of “mainstream” news, are  all “wee-weed up” — to use President Eloquent’s expression — by the OWS tantrums. This new generation’s display of wasted minds gives the aging-hippie brigade a moment to relive their own misspent youth. These “news” people haven’t had this much thrill going up their legs since Barack Obama hip-hopped his way to the presidency on the wings of ‘60s radical hope-dope.

But what do responsible Americans see in the “Occupy” tantrums?

Tea Partiers, of course, see the gross liberal/conservative double standard at work big time. Where Tea Partiers got legal permits and paid tens of thousands of dollars for such things as police presence, traffic coordination, and sanitary necessities like porta-potties, these leftist tantrum-throwers form health-hazard Obamavilles on public property – fee free. The Obamaville squatters disrupt the sleep and threaten the health of close-by residents with their all-hours, out-of-control misdeeds, all the while getting positive press from the aging-hippie chorus in the media.

Some OWS kids are surely there just for the free food, the no-strings sex, the communal bong hits, or the summer-camp, kumbayah déjà vu.

Most of the lot are, we can be pretty certain, pure hope-dopers from the Obama Youth brigade – the in-your-face and up-yours gang – now come to flaunt their disillusionment with their adolescent president.

These young Obama voters — who in 2008 exchanged their liberal parents’ adolescent rallying cry of “Our hope is in dope!” for the even more stupid “That dope is our hope!” —  are now angry “bitter clingers” who refuse to let go of their infantile delusions.  The One “they were waiting for” has failed to deliver their fairy tale utopia, so they throw a public tantrum in every city stupid enough to put up with them.

Hordes of good minds so thoroughly wasted in a vainglorious celebration of immaturity and weak character is not a pretty sight. And it bodes horrible ills for the future of this country.

But unless we recognize the fundamental childish beliefs now being trotted out  by leftist news people as “high philosophy” and  “significant political issues,” then we are bound to repeat our parenting tomfoolery all the way to the destruction of this grand republic.

So in the interest of saving America, let’s first recognize the five most infantile beliefs of the OWS kids. These youngsters will go down in history as the biggest bunch of booby-brats ever produced by an advanced civilization.

First: Back to the schoolyard… 

#5: Cooties can kill me and disagreeable words will crush my spirit.

Now, dear readers, this is sad. Truly sad. Prior to this OWS moment, the last time I saw so much childish behavior and stupid thinking on display was on an elementary school playground.

Here’s the perfect OWS Anthem: I don’t want to work!

At the ongoing OWS tantrums, we daily see video and read news reports of physical grown-ups taking bullhorns in hand to shout inanities like: “The rich have cooties! And their cooties can kill you!”  “Those evil bankers made the grass on their side of the fence greener than ours!” “Life isn’t fair so let’s destroy everything to make it fair!”

This big, booby-brat pack offer nothing of substance and cannot explain why they are there in any more adult terms than hurling childish taunts at the cootie-carriers.

We see scenes of the “general assemblies” where physically grownup humans revert to things like “twinkling” hand symbols to avoid words that might crush their spirits or those of the delicate kids next to them.


See more videos and images in Zombie’s post from yesterday here.

These fools still believe that childhood’s mob-chants have real meaning. They’re so stuck on stupid that their interviews are downright incoherent.

The OWS brat-pack apparently altogether missed the  character-development lesson designed to toughen them to words and opinions different from their own. If any adult ever told them to toughen their spirits against the barbs of others with the aphorism, “Sticks and stones can break my bones, but words will never hurt me,” these ninnies cried en masse in their mommies’ skirts. And their foolish parents let them be, soothed their pitiful tears with self-esteem coddling poppycock and never did the hard work of disabusing them of the “world revolves around me” egocentrism of young childhood.

Now, these adult children are left with “twinkling” their fingers in lieu of mature discussion — which might hurt their ‘ittle feelings. Pitiful.

But that is not nearly the worst of it.  These childish idiots are a danger to themselves and to all others in their wake.

Next: The debauched cesspool of Zuccotti Park…

#4: Sharing germs, having sex with strangers and imbibing mind-altering drugs won’t hurt me one bit.

At the OWS tantrums we see continual, disgusting displays of basic hygiene ignorance as though these over-educated buffoons missed science class from the first through the eighth grades.

Evidently unaware that they are taking their very lives in their hands by urinating and defecating in close proximity to their food preparation, these OWS waifs threaten themselves daily with an outbreak of disease, all the while thinking they are magically immune to the tenets of basic science. Germs? What germs? I can’t see any  germs.

Every kid, by the age of 12, should know down to his last brain cell that sharing microscopic germs, having sex with strangers and imbibing mind-altering drugs all carry extreme health risk. But these OWS kids have been brainwashed to actually believe that keeping one’s body and dwelling clean are all about “bourgeois appearances” and not having sex with strangers is all about “religion” and imbibing mind-altering drugs that kill your brain cells and cause you to do dangerous stupid stuff is really “cool” and “intelligent.”

How has this country been reduced to producing such utter nitwits, most of them carrying actual college degrees in their filthy hands? It’s a puzzle that will haunt historians for generations to come.

But the threat to public health is still not the worst of it.

Next: What the world needs now…

#3: Free love makes the world go ‘round.  Tra, la, la and Kumbayah.

I knew this culture was headed for big trouble in 1965, the day I heard Jackie DeShannon sing her lilting pied-piper melody and throngs of Boomers swallowed it whole-hog.  What the World Needs Now Is Love:

What the world needs now is love, sweet love
It’s the only thing that there’s just too little of
What the world needs now is love, sweet love,
No, not just for some but for everyone.

No, not just for some, oh, but just for everyone.


The song itself was lovely. The singer was pure and sweet as she could be. And the world, barely through the furious rebuilding in WWII’s aftermath, was hungering for a lay-down-all-the-weapons approach to civilization.

But what came about was an entire generation’s imbibing a false concept of love itself. We Boomers tossed out more than a thousand  years of real-world knowledge in our quest for a nicer, softer, more lovely existence and allowed ourselves to grasp the idea that the hard-earned mutual respect between people and nations could be replaced with nothing more substantial than a Hallmark-card sentiment.

It’s that same childish, “love makes the world go ‘round” sentiment which pervades the OWS tantrums. The modern set got it straight from their Boomer-hippie parents.

Peace and prosperity, formerly gained through force of arms and stalwart vigilance, would magically come about, we Boomers believed, by laying it all down and becoming the doormats of the world.  Then, we could all gather ‘round the worldwide campfire and sing Kumbayah, while never having to worry about feeding ourselves and our children or such mundane things as creating real wealth through the sweat of our brows.

Today at the OWS tantrums this foolish poppycock has come full circle, demonstrating that liberal Boomers who never grew up themselves have produced a generation of offspring without the slightest adult notion of peace through mutual respect, often forced upon recalcitrant nations hell-bent on war. At OWS, we see adult children without the understanding that hard work and wise choices are the only avenues of individual prosperity.

So they whine and wallow in filth, wasting away their days, honestly believing that they are good, worthwhile human beings.

And the world does most certainly owe them a living. These OWS brats luxuriate in the infantile state of eternal entitlement

Next: The sharp sting of the WASPs…

#2: The world does too owe me a living!

Would this worthless bunch of booby-brats even understand the meaning of JFK’s  famous 1961 admonishment to those who would confuse liberty with license?

Ask not what your country can do for you.  Ask what you can do for your country.

Whenever I see displays of egocentric worthlessness parading as “adult political statement,” I find myself asking where in the world are those WASPS when we so desperately need them? Lots more of those icky, boring, responsible, hard-working,  work-ethic-promoting, industrious white, Anglo Saxon Protestants would really come in handy as we face off with this big, fat, booby-brat pack.

The booby-brats huddle ‘round their donated tents, taking advantage of taxpaying citizens, costing uncounted thousands in police presence and disruption to real citizens’ business, while putting a bunch of highfalutin, educated-sounding words to a self-absorbed doctrine that just boils down to the child’s rant:  The world does too owe me a living, a free iPhone and all the ice cream I want! 

Adult Americans have always, since our founding, insisted that every single individual best serves the common good through self-sufficiency. Only in being self-sufficient could one ensure that he would never become a burden to his neighbors. The words lazy, shiftless, no-account were three of the most feared in the American vocabulary. The worst thing a child could be called by his own mother was “slacker.” The last thing a child ever wanted to hear from his own father were accusations of laziness.

Say whatever you will about the WASP and Jewish cultural bearings, but these folks gave Americans one of the greatest gifts ever bestowed upon a civilization: an understanding of the inherent value of honest work for one’s own benefit. The Protestant work ethic is its most common name. Whatever one chooses to call it really doesn’t matter. The underlying brilliance was always that by being self-sufficient, one also served his fellow man. And when one failed through his own fault to provide for himself, he was rightly considered an unnecessary burden to the common good.

Charity was for those who simply could not help their own misfortune and was given person-to-person and through voluntary organizations, mainly through the churches and synagogues with great care to preserve the recipients’ dignity.  Unless the beneficiary’s personal dignity was preserved, charity would not have been considered charity at all but would have been rightly seen as an action intended to ensure dependence. No American virtue was seen in becoming dependent upon others and those who would encourage dependence were seen as downright evil. Making others dependent, it was widely known, was merely a way to amass power over others. A truly disgusting goal if ever there was one.

Today, evil political charlatans pose as benevolent providers of the common good. Robbing from the productive class to give to the indolent class, all in the name of the common good, is the moral equivalent a plantation owner who claimed to really love his slaves.

And the OWS kids just eat this malarkey up and run into the streets with their infantile demands spewing from their self-centered, irresponsible mouths.

Finally: Yes, we can! Yes, we can!

#1:  Yes, we can have our cake and eat it too!


If these civilizational throwbacks really are the 99%, then the republic is already lost and we just haven’t yet admitted it.

They went off to college with the apparent belief that they could borrow tens of thousands of dollars to pay for it, but that they would never really have to pay it back.

Yes, we can have our college cake and eat it too. Yes, we can!  Yes, we can!

They signed legal loan documents with enough disclosure requirements to protect the dumbest, most foolish ninny ever to fall off a vegetable truck, and yet now, they claim they were somehow defrauded. The great, big society of American taxpayers has somehow let them all down because their stupid-stuff degrees in things like “Women’s Studies” and “Queer Studies” and “fill-in-the-blank-ism lite” haven’t landed them corner offices with a view and a truckload of delightful perks.

Yes, we can study stupid stuff and useless-in-the-real-world junk and still make truckloads of money too! Yes, we can! Yes, we can!

They actually believed that they could while away years of their lives in bong-hits and yoga meditations and sex with every dumb prick on campus and still march off to Never Land to find a guy named Jack with some magic beans that would make them all rich and fat and happy too.

Yes, we can be lazy and self-indulgent and misspend our youth and still get that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow! Yes, we can! Yes, we can!

Because… because, well, because we are entitled!  The world does too owe us a living!

Yes, we can vote for a man-child president who is no more mature than we are and has only a smidgen more on his resume.  And we can still have world peace with no more war or terror.  We can elect a know-nothing just like ourselves who has an even fancier degree in know-nothing-ness and still end hunger and famine and plagues – because we say so.  We can elect a man who’s never had a real job in his life and still expect him to “create” meaningless, easy jobs for all the rest of us with all the perks he himself has enjoyed.

Oh yes, we can be nitwit voters and still get ourselves a great president! Yes, we can! Yes, we can!

Honestly, dear readers, the only thing worse than this self-indulgent display of childhoods wasted is the lineup of so-called “news people” dissecting their every word as though it actually had meaning and the power to move civilization forward.

The scariest thing of all is that these overgrown children can actually vote.

And look at the sham of a presidency we all have to show for that sad fact.

Yes, dear readers, 2008 will forever be known as the year America passed through the looking glass on its way down the yellow brick road to Never land.

And 2012 will be the year we grown-ups take the country back.

Or else, we’ll seal our own society’s death warrant, as we all join hands and continue this march with Barack, shouting  “Yes, we can jump off this cliff!”


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