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Aging Hippies Ruin a Wedding Officiated by Sinema Because That's What Commies Do

Aging Hippies Ruin a Wedding Officiated by Sinema Because That's What Commies Do
AP Photo/Jose Luis Magana

The first openly bisexual female member of the House, and then the Senate, Kyrsten Sinema, can’t escape screaming, hate-filled protestors.

That sounds like something HuffPo would write, suggesting “bigoted conservatives” were harassing the poor woman, but leftist harpies are the ones causing the drama.

I remember when the left cheered members of the LGBT community, like Sinema.

Femmes, that is to say feminine-of-center LGBTQ folks, are also made of power, determination and now, with the swearing-in of Sen. Kyrsten Sinema (D-Ariz.), senatorial gravitas.

Today, Sinema can’t relieve herself without leftists henpecking her in the ladies’ room. A henpecking that President Pee-pants referred to as “part of the process.”

In the video below, be sure to pay attention to the illegal immigrant who is angry that her illegal grandparents were deported and she couldn’t go back to see them because she might not get back in, illegally, for the second time.

I also like the part when a presumably male voice says, “We need the Build Back Better plan now,” which is immediately followed by a perfectly timed toilet flush.

One of the human stains who followed Sinema into the restroom sounds like a man, but with today’s lefties, we can never be sure.

Whereas I can’t speak for Germany, isn’t it illegal for a “man” to shoot a video of a woman in the restroom in the U.S.?

What did Sinema do to prod creeps into following her into the restroom? She expressed her opinion, and pinkos are no longer singing her praises.

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Leftists only cheer political victories of box-checking liberals when the person sides with liberals. Otherwise, they eat their own.

FACT-O-RAMA! Dave Chappelle’s transgender friend “Daphne” stood up for the comedian on social media. After six days of online bullying by leftists, “Daphne” killed himself.

Sen. Sinema was officiating a wedding in Brisbee, Arizona, last weekend when a couple of dozen lefty gorgons decided to show up and screech. Bride be damned.

Amongs the Trotsky troglodytes were plenty of older, former hippy-types who still think it’s 1969. Many were blatantly denying science by dutifully wearing their Fauci face diapers, even though they were outside.

I was an NYC liberal, the most loathsome brand of the left. I can tell you that one of the differences between libs and patriots is this: Conservatives are far less likely to hijack an innocent couple’s wedding and pretend we have the moral high ground. Self-absorbed snowflakes don’t think about anyone but themselves and their commie agenda.

The worst part of the video might be when the mother of the bride weepily asks the annoying bugs not to ruin her daughter’s wedding and they respond with embarrassing talking points. The best part is a couple of wedding guests arriving in Indian costumes. One of them makes a joke about dressing like Elizabeth Warren.

Nothing would be funnier than having lefty wackjobs annoy the first openly bisexual congresswoman —and senator — to the point where she switches sides and becomes a Republican.

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