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Portland Police Hamstrung (Again). Sit Back and Watch the Riot.

Portland Police Hamstrung (Again). Sit Back and Watch the Riot.
AP Photo/Paula Bronstein

If Portland burned and the media didn’t tell you, does that mean it didn’t happen?

Yes, Portland is still an anarchist’s dream vacation. Even more so, thanks to Oregon House Bill 2928, which hobbles the cops’ riot response options.

The new law took effect last summer after Portland “re-imagined” its policing techniques. House Bill 2928 has left the police looking for a kinder, gentler approach to handling the marauding, gluten-free communists who torch the city at will. The new law prohibits the police from using standard riot-control methods like beanbag rounds, rubber bullets, pepper spray, and crowd-dispersal tools that use sound or lights against the poor lambs sacking their city on a regular basis.

The Portland Police Bureau’s (PPB) new riot tactic is simple: do nothing.

Police passively watched almost 100 Marxist frondeurs as they damaged roughly 35 stores, banks, restaurants, and government buildings on October 12. The apparatchiks started fires, smashed windows, and spray-painted businesses, causing an estimated $500,000 worth of damage in under two hours.

The police did broadcast a looped, sternly worded verbal warning: “Those who refuse to leave the area are subject to arrest. The bureau will investigate crimes and will make arrests either tonight or in the future.”

This sounds like the “Wait till your father gets home” threat our moms used when they were too drunk to hit us. Just mine? Ok, moving on…

Technically, the police are allowed to use the aforementioned anti-riot measures, but only in the case of a riot, and the definition of “riot” is anybody’s guess in Portland.

“The entire bureau membership has been made aware of the potential implications of House Bill 2928 and that it’s being analyzed by the City Attorney’s Office,” police spokesman Sgt. Kevin Allen stated. “Until we have some clarity on the bill we have to follow the most restrictive interpretation of it.”

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Portland’s top commie, Mayor Ted Wheeler, had something to say as well: “Our legal team at the City Attorney’s office is reviewing HB2928 to better understand how it will affect PPB’s operation during the management of crowds. We will be working closely with our colleagues at the Oregon State Legislature and Department of Justice for further clarification to remain in compliance with this new law.”

FACT-O-RAMA! The Portland Police Association had to relocate its headquarters because of recurring attacks by “mostly peaceful” Antifa lambs.

The Portland cops must have certainly learned by now that rioters are treated like gentle flowers by leftist politicians. More than 50% of those arrested had their federal charges dropped during last year’s riots. Celebrities, like Kamala Harris, pimped a donation program to pay the commie rioters’ bail and keep them on the street. Antifa insurrectionists who ARE actually charged are getting lenient sentences.

If I were a Portland cop, I’d sit back and watch the rioting jack-assery too. The PBB was “defunded” by $16 million. The volunteer Rapid Response Team, the crew who deals with rioters, all quit when one of their officers was charged for hitting a darling rioter with a baton.

Not all cops are sitting back and watching the fun. Many are leaving the PBB. At least 115 cops left the force between July 2020 and April 2021. Portland’s murder rate today is at a record high. The understaffed PBB is using barrels to thwart drive-by shootings. Well done, commies.

Despite the looped police warning that people will be arrested, none have been.

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